Get a Rope

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Get a Rope
Get a Rope from Mario Party 5
Appears in Mario Party 5
Type Duel mini-game
Time limit 10 seconds per turn
Music Midday Showdown

Get a Rope is a Duel minigame found in Mario Party 5. The name is a pun on the saying "get a grip."


Each player has to select one of three ropes and pull it. The object is to pull the rope they think contains the best result, making the minigame luck-based. Ropes can contain three results: An enormous 100-ton weight can crush the player (worst result), little or no confetti can fall (average result), or a lot of confetti can fall (best result). The winner is the player who gets a better result than their opponent.

This minigame takes place in a common place for five simple Duel minigames, which is a western town setting. The characters are on a wooden horseshoe arena surrounded by cacti, barrels, and two buildings. In the far-off distance, there is a simple wooden windmill and a few hills and mountains.


  • Control Stick – Select rope
  • A Button – Confirm

In-game text[edit]

  • Rules"Select one of the three ropes to pull. The results are completely random."
  • Advice"The player with the best result wins."

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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese えらんでロープ!
Erande rōpu!
Choose a Rope!
French Chacun sa Corde To Each Their Rope
German Tauzieh-Lotterie Tug Lottery
Italian Scegli la fune Choose the rope
Spanish Cuerda sorpresa Surprise Rope