Mario Can-Can

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Mario Can-Can
Mario Can-Can from Mario Party 5
Appears in Mario Party 5
Type 2-vs.-2 mini-game
Music track Move Happily
Music sample

Mario Can-Can is a 2-vs.-2 minigame found in Mario Party 5. Its name comes from "can-can," a type of dance.


Each team is in charge of opening a can, done so by jumping on or ground-pounding platforms attached to a can opener. As the players continue to jump or ground-pound, the can opener slowly goes around the top of the can, opening it. Players must take turns jumping or ground-pounding in order to get the most leverage from each jump or Ground Pound. The first team to open its can and release the contents wins.

Can variants[edit]

  • Fruits – Various fruits erupt from the can.
  • Candies – Various sweets erupt from the can.
  • Flowers – Flowers erupt from the can.
  • Balloons – Balloons fly out of the can.
  • Goomba – Many Goombas or a Gold Goomba erupts from the can.
  • Thwomp – A Thwomp repeatedly hops out of and back into the can.
  • Hammers – A large hammer followed by small hammers erupt from the can.


  • A Button – Jump
  • A Button A Button – Ground Pound

In-game text[edit]

  • Rules"Open the can using the seesaw can opener. Alternate jumps on the seesaw to open the can."
  • Advice"A Ground Pound will make the can opener move faster."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese かんきりシーソー
Kankiri Shīsō
Can Opener Seesaw
French Ouvre-boîte mécanique! Mechanical can-opener!
German Dosenöffnen im Team Team Can Openers
Italian Aprilatta Can Opener
Spanish ¡Que lata de lata! What a Pain of a Tin! (pun with various meanings of the word lata)