Bill Blasters (minigame)

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This article is about the minigame in Mario Party 5. For the enemy, see Bill Blaster.
Bill Blasters
Bill Blasters from Mario Party 5
Bill Blasters from Mario Party Superstars.
Appears in Mario Party 5
Mario Party Superstars
Type Battle minigame (Mario Party 5)
4-Player minigame (Mario Party Superstars)
Music track Everybody Party
Music sample
Mario Party 5:

Mario Party Superstars:

Bill Blasters is a Battle minigame in Mario Party 5 and a 4-Player minigame in Mario Party Superstars.


Artwork of Toad from Mario Party 5.
Official artwork of a Bullet Bill from the minigame chasing Toad

The camera shows Bullet Bills being transported along the conveyor belts to one of the cannons. It then shows the view used in the minigame, and the platforms begin rotating as the minigame starts.


The ultimate goal of the game is to defeat all the opposing players by shooting Bullet Bills at them. Each player is positioned in one of the screen's corners, and each is on a spinning platform. In front of the player is a Bill Blaster. Because the platform rotates constantly, players must time each shot so that they hit the intended opponent. When a player is hit, that player's platform rotates slower, making it easier to aim. After the player presses A Button to fire, the platform stops spinning for a moment, but the player cannot shoot again for several seconds. If two Bullet Bills collide with each other, they both explode in mid-flight. Each player can take three hits until they are eliminated. The last player remaining wins. If all four players survive for a certain amount of time, the game ends in a draw.


The winner's platform moves to the center of the arena. The winner then strikes a victory pose.


Mario Party 5[edit]

  • A Button – Fire Bullet Bills

Mario Party Superstars[edit]

  • A Button – Fire

In-game text[edit]

Mario Party 5[edit]

  • Rules"Fire Bullet Bills at opponents. Your platform briefly stops when your shot is fired. The last one standing is the winner."
  • Advice"When you get hit, your platform will spin slower, making it easier to aim at your opponents."

Mario Party Superstars[edit]

  • "Aim for your rivals and fire away! But be careful–it won't count if it hits their cannon."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese グルグルたいほう
Guruguru taihō
Rotating Cannons
Dutch Kanonnentoer Cannon Rotation
French Rafale Bill Balle Bullet Bill Flurry
German Willi-Blaster-Master Bill Blaster Master
Italian Cannoni da capogiro Dizziness cannons
Korean 빙글빙글 대포
Binggeulbinggeul Daepo
Rotating Cannons
Portuguese Bomba Gira "Spinning Bomb", a pun on Pomba Gira, a spiritual entity of Umbanda and Candomblé religions.
Russian Биллы-пушки
Bill Cannons
Spanish Cañones giratorios Spinning Cannons


  • In Mario Party Superstars, when a player fires a Bullet Bill, a sound similar to the one that plays when a Bullet Bill is fired in Super Mario Bros. can be heard.
  • This is the only minigame from Mario Party 5 in Mario Party Superstars not to have appeared in Mario Party: The Top 100.