Picking Panic

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Picking Panic
Picking Panic
Picking Panic in Mario Party Superstars.
Appears in Mario Party 3
Mario Party Superstars
Type 2-vs-2 minigame
Time limit 30 seconds
Music track On Your Toes / Come On, Chop-Chop! (Superstars)
Music sample
Mario Party 3:

Mario Party Superstars:

Picking Panic is a 2-vs-2 minigame found in Mario Party 3 and Mario Party Superstars.


Teams in their hanging ropes swing back and forth, and the minigame starts. One player on the team has to grab the cherries dropped by an Ukiki and throw them to the other player, who then puts the cherries in the basket to earn points. The size of the cherries affects how far they fly when thrown. The team that has more points at the end of the minigame wins. If both teams get the same score, the minigame ends in a draw.


The ending to Picking Panic

The winning team jumps on top of Woody's mouth and celebrates.


Mario Party 3[edit]

  • Press A Button – Grab cherries
  • Release A Button – Release cherries

Mario Party Superstars[edit]

  • Press Single Joy-Con Right Button to Grab Cherries
  • Release Single Joy-Con Right Button to Drop Cherries

In-game text[edit]

Mario Party 3[edit]

  • Game Rules"Grab the cherries from Woody, then pass them to your partner to put in the basket."
  • Advice"The distance the cherries fly depends on their size. Try to match your timing to their size."

Mario Party Superstars[edit]

  • "Pass the cherries at the right time, and put as many as you can in the basket."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese さくらんぼキャッチ
Sakuranbo kyatchi
Catch the Cherries
Dutch Plukpaniek Plucking Panic
French Cerises pas Tristes Cherries that are not Sad
German Fall-Obst-Ernte Windfall Harvest
Italian Raccolta altalenante Swinging harvest
Korean 체리 캐치
Cheri Kaechi
Cherry Catch
Portuguese Colheita Acrobática Acrobatic Harvest
Russian Пикник без правил
Piknik bez pravil
Picnic with no rules
Spanish Pánico en el Árbol Panic in the Tree


  • In Mario Party 3, the sound that plays when a cherry is dropped into the basket is similar to the sound that plays when a fruit is eaten in Pac-Man.