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MP3 MPIQ Yoshi.png
Appears in Mario Party 3
Type 4-Player mini-game
Time limit 5 seconds per turn
Music track Got It?
Music sample

M.P.I.Q. is a 4-Player minigame found in Mario Party 3. The name is intended to stand for "Mario Party Intelligence Quotient."


Players have to listen to Toad when he is asking something based on the activities on the board, player characters, or anything related. First, Toad slowly shows the question letter by letter. A player must press A Button to hit the ? Block and answer the question, and players can hit the ? Block before the question is fully revealed. A circle means the answer is correct, and an "X" means the answer is incorrect. If an answer is incorrect, the player who answered the question gets squashed by the ? Block and loses their next turn. Players are also squashed if a question is not answered within five seconds. The first player to answer three questions correctly wins. If no one answers three questions correctly within ten questions, the minigame ends. If multiple players have the highest score, the minigame ends in a draw.

Possible questions[edit]

Question Answer 1 Answer 2 Answer 3
How many Dice Blocks appear when you use a Golden Mushroom? 2 3 4
How many coins does it take to have Boo steal a star? 20 30 50
Of all types of Mini-Games, which never appeared in Mario Party or Mario Party 2? Battle Mini-Game Item Mini-Game Gamble Mini-Game
On Spiny Desert, how many warping pits of quicksand are there? 2 3 4
On Deep Bloober Sea, how many switches are there that may launch Bullet Bill? 2 3 4
How many Dice Blocks appear when you use a Mushroom? 1 2 3
What is the current record in (minigame)?
How many times has (board) been played?
Which board has been played the most/least amount of times?
How many times has (character) won a board?
Which character has won the most/least amount of boards?
If you add up all the coins together how many are there in total?
If you add up all the stars everyone is carrying, how many are there?
Who has the most amount of Stars right now?
What color is Wario's hat? Red Yellow Green
How many people does it take to crack the ice on Chilly Waters? 1 2 3
Which button do you press to hit a Dice Block? A Button B Button Z Button
Which button do you press to use an item? A Button B Button Z Button
What item do you need to open gates? Boo Bell Skeleton Key Secret Key
On a Battle Royale map, how many spaces are there that a player can stop on? 7 8 9
To do a Ground Pound, which button do you need to press while jumping? A Button B Button Z Button

Possible minigame mentions[edit]

The minigames with a record system that can be mentioned in the question "What is the current record in (minigame)?" include the following:


  • A Button – Hit block / Select answer
  • B Button – Select answer
  • Z Button – Select answer

In-game text[edit]

  • Game Rules"Hit the block quickly for your chance to answer the question. The first player to reach 3 points, wins."
  • Advice"If you hit the block in the middle of the question, you won't see the entire question."


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キノピオクイズ
Kinopio kuizu
Toad Quiz
French Le Quizz The Quiz
German M.P.I.Q. -
Spanish Concurso M.P. M.P. Quiz


  • For the question about the initials on Donkey Kong's necktie, "TK" from one of the three possible answers might be a reference to Tiny Kong.
  • The question about which type of minigame did not appear in Mario Party or Mario Party 2 erroneously uses the Japanese name of Game Guy minigames as its correct answer in the English version.