Ridiculous Relay

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Ridiculous Relay
MP3 Ridiculous Relay.png
Appears in Mario Party 3
Type 1-vs-3 minigame
Music Let's Get a Move On

Ridiculous Relay is a 1-vs-3 minigame found in Mario Party 3.


The two teams of players must outrace one another in four different vehicles. The solo player is hang-gliding and must dodge Bullet Bills and Flying Goombas on the way. Hitting any enemy will slow the player down. The team of three each partake in a three-legged course on water. The first player rows a Red Shell with an oar. The second player operates a Skeeter vehicle by positioning the legs to glide across the water. The third player drives a Bullet Bill motorboat. When the second player starts going, a Thwomp will raise up, letting them continue. This also happens with the third player. The first team to cross the finish line wins.


Solo (1 player)[edit]

  • Control Stick up / Control Stick down – Move
  • Control Stick right – Speed up
  • Control Stick left – Slow down

Group (3 players)[edit]

  • Shell
    A Button – Paddle Right Oar
    B Button – Paddle Left Oar
  • Water Bug Vehicle
    Control Stick up + A ButtonControl Stick down + A ButtonControl Stick up + B ButtonControl Stick down + B Button – Repeat to proceed
  • Motorboat
    A Button (repeatedly) – Proceed

In-game text[edit]

  • Game Rules"Everyone has a different vehicle in this race. It's a 3-on-1 relay."
  • Advice"The controls vary for each vehicle. Be careful to use the controls correctly."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese どたばたミックスレース
Dotabata mikkusurēsu
Mixed Race Frenzy
Spanish Carrera Ridícula Ridiculous Race
French Relais Ridicule Literal translation
German Staffelspurt Relay Dash


  • This is the only minigame in the Mario Party series where the pause screen controls occupy two pages.