Swinging with Sharks

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Swinging with Sharks
Swinging with Sharks: Yoshi jumping out to land one of the barrels that hold up a sign that has the desired item. From Mario Party 3.
Swinging with Sharks in Mario Party Superstars
Appears in Mario Party 3
Mario Party Superstars
Type Item minigame
Time limit 10 seconds
Music track Item Mini-Game
Music sample
Mario Party 3:

Mario Party Superstars:

Swinging with Sharks is an Item minigame found in Mario Party 3 and Mario Party Superstars, albeit unnamed in the latter. Its name is a pun on the phrase "swimming with sharks."


The player on the swing must land on a barrel to get the item they desire, while Baby Bowser rides around on a Sushi. Timing is important when the player is going to jump onto a barrel; if the player misses, they get nothing. If the player runs out of time, they automatically jump into the water.

In Mario Party Superstars, Bowser Jr. takes the place of Baby Bowser and stands on a barrel instead of a Sushi.


Mario Party 3[edit]

  • A Button – Jump

Mario Party Superstars[edit]

  • A Button – Jump

In-game text[edit]

Mario Party 3[edit]

  • Game Rules"Jump from the swing and land on a barrel to get an item. Timing is important."
  • Advice"If you land in the water, you'll get nothing, so be careful."

Mario Party Superstars[edit]

  • "Jump to a barrel!"


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese タルタルブランコ
Tarutaru Buranko
Barrel and Swing
French Trapézo-Bonus Trapeze Bonus
German Haischaukel Shark Swing
Spanish Tiburones Hambrientos Hungry Sharks


  • In Mario Party 3, the player's defeated voice clip that plays when they lose the minigame is higher-pitched than usual. This has been removed from Mario Party Superstars.