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"MPS" redirects here. For information about the 2007 game for the Wii whose Korean title may be abbreviated as "MPS", see Mario Strikers Charged.
Mario Party Superstars
North American box art for Mario Party Superstars
For alternate box art, see the game's gallery.
Developer Nd Cube
Magnum enter Co.,Ltd.
WILL Co.,Ltd.
SmileBoom Co.,Ltd.
T's MUSIC Co.,Ltd.
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Release date Japan October 29, 2021[1]
USA October 29, 2021[2]
Mexico October 29, 2021[3]
Brazil October 29, 2021[4]
Europe October 29, 2021[5]
Australia October 29, 2021[6]
South Korea October 29, 2021[7]
HK October 29, 2021[8]
ROC October 29, 2021[9]
Genre Party
ESRB:ESRB E.svg - Everyone
PEGI:PEGI 7.svg - Seven years and older
CERO:CERO rating A - All ages
ACB:ACB G.svg - General
DEJUS:DEJUS L.png - General audience
RARS:RARS 0+.svg - All ages
GRAC:GRAC All.svg - All ages
GSRR:GSRR P.svg - Six years and older
Mode(s) Multiplayer
Nintendo Switch:
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Mario Party Superstars is the twenty-fifth overall installment in the Mario Party series. Released for the Nintendo Switch on October 29, 2021, it is the second Mario Party game for the console, following Super Mario Party. It is also the twelfth installment to be released on a home console. The game follows the same gameplay style as its predecessor and earlier installments in the series. It features 100 minigames from past games in the series, many of which have been previously included in Mario Party: The Top 100, as well as five boards from the Nintendo 64 Mario Party games. All game modes are available to play online.[2]

Mario Party Superstars is the first game published by Nintendo on one of their consoles to be officially localized in Brazilian Portuguese.[10]


Mario Party Superstars features minigames and boards from past Mario Party titles while retaining the overall game engine and several features from Super Mario Party. Players take turns hitting the Dice Block and moving around the board in order to collect coins and Stars, and once every player has rolled, a minigame will be played, allowing the players to earn coins. Much like games prior to Mario Party 9, the Dice Block rolls 1 through 10 instead of only 1 through 6, and character-specific Dice Blocks from Super Mario Party do not return. Items can be obtained from Lucky Spaces, Item Spaces, or Item Shops and are generally based on the items seen in Super Mario Party. The boards generally retain their original layout, though some have been updated to include new path layouts and Item Shops, such as Peach's Birthday Cake. Some of the board events have also been adjusted. Like in Super Mario Party, when landing on a VS Space, the landing player hits a Dice Block to determine how many coins each player must put into the pot, though instead of playing a Rumble Minigame, a Free-for-all Minigame is played, similarly to Battle Spaces from older entries. Once landed on, a VS Space will then turn into a Blue Space.

During the last five turns, the coins gained or lost from Blue Spaces and Red Spaces are doubled, and two players landing on the same space will embark in a Duel Minigame, betting coins like in Mario Party 2 and Mario Party 3. New to this game is the ability to add turns, in which there is an option to change the number of turns in the menu at any point of the game except for during the last turn. The number of turns that could be added is dependent on the amount of turns chosen at the beginning of the game, so for example, if 10 turns were chosen, the player can choose to change the number to 15, 20, 25, or 30 turns, but if 30 turns were chosen, this option isn't available. If the turn count is changed during the last five turns, any changes during the last five turns will be reverted on the next turn, so for example, two players landing on the same space won't trigger a duel. The option to add turns can only be chosen once per game.

Like in Super Mario Party, practicing a minigame takes place on the instruction screen instead of players pressing a button to practice.



Ten characters are playable. Though no new playable characters are introduced to the series, this is the first Mario Party game since Mario Party 9 where Birdo is playable.

Mario Luigi Peach Daisy Wario
Artwork of Mario in Mario Party Superstars Artwork of Luigi in Mario Party Superstars Artwork of Peach in Mario Party Superstars Artwork of Daisy in Mario Party Superstars Artwork of Wario in Mario Party: The Top 100 (also used in Mario Kart Tour and Mario Party Superstars)
A beloved and intrepid hero who can be easily recognized by his red cap and mustache. Mario's taller brother who is known for his high jumps and being afraid of ghosts. The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. Has a kind heart and a love of all things pink. An energetic princess who is particularly fond of her flower earrings. A greedy character with an eye for gold. Spends too much time with Waluigi.
Waluigi Yoshi Rosalina Donkey Kong Birdo
Artwork of Waluigi in Super Mario Party (also used in Mario Party Superstars) Artwork of Yoshi in Mario Party: Island Tour (also used in Mario Party: The Top 100 and Mario Party Superstars) Artwork of Rosalina in Mario Party 10 (also used in Super Mario Party and Mario Party Superstars) Artwork of Donkey Kong in Mario Party Superstars Artwork of Birdo in Mario Party 9 (later used in Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Mario Kart Tour and Mario Party Superstars)
A devious individual who always has a trick up his sleeve. Often seen with Wario. A carefree but steadfast ally of Mario's who loves to eat fruit. An otherworldly figure who travels through space with her family, the Lumas. King of the jungle. Incredibly strong but bugs out for bananas. A jovial character who exudes a mysterious charm.


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Toad Toadette Koopa Troopa Bowser Bowser Jr. Junior Clown Car
Artwork of Toad in Mario Party Superstars Artwork of Toadette in Mario Party Superstars Artwork of Koopa Troopa in Mario Party Superstars Artwork of Bowser riding his Koopa Clown Car in Mario Party Superstars Artwork of Bowser Jr. in Super Mario Party (also used in Mario Party Superstars) Nocoverart.png
A hardworking, energetic resident of the Mushroom Kingdom. Bright, animated, and always in high spirits. Sports a trademark pair of pink pigtails. One of Bowser's minions who is excited to be back guiding Mario Party players. The self-centered, ruthless king of the Koopas. A little rascal who loves making mischief. The son of Bowser, king of the Koopas. A vehicle that can soar through the sky. Bowser Jr.'s preferred mode of transit.
Kamek Shy Guy Fly Guy Snifit Hammer Bro Paratroopa
Artwork of Kamek in Mario Party Superstars Artwork of a Shy Guy from Mario Party Superstars Nocoverart.png Encyclopedia image of Snifit from Mario Party Superstars Nocoverart.png Nocoverart.png
A magic user clad in signature glasses and blue robe. Minions of Bowser who you'll see in a variety of colors, red included. Can float thanks to the propellers attached to their heads. Often mistaken for Shy Guys, but the difference lies in their masks. Hammer wielders with wicked throwing arms and a penchant for jumping. Koopa Troopas that fly around by flapping their wings.
Goomba Galoomba Bob-omb Piranha Plant Petey Piranha Monty Mole
Artwork of a Goomba in Mario Party Superstars Nocoverart.png Nocoverart.png Nocoverart.png Nocoverart.png Artwork of Mega Monty Mole in Mario Party: Star Rush (later used as the Monty Moles' artwork in Mario Party Superstars)
Bowser's lackeys who are stepped all over by friend and foe alike. Bowser's minions. Often mistaken for Goombas. Explosive creatures that flash just before they burst, giving you precious time to run. Plants that will take a bite out of anything. Not to be confused with strawberries. Leader of the Piranha Plants. Those shorts, while stylish, actually hide a belly betton. Skilled at digging holes. Seems to be some kind of antagonistic mole.
Lakitu Spiny Egg Blooper Chain Chomp Thwomp Whomp
Nocoverart.png Nocoverart.png Nocoverart.png Nocoverart.png Nocoverart.png Nocoverart.png
Flies through the sky on a cloud and throws Spiny Eggs with unerring aim. Sharp spheres thrown by Lakitu. These are best to be avoided. Creatures that swim around in the water and shoot ink when disturbed. Spherical with an iron will and a body to match. Always found attached to a chain. Extremely heavy. Look out below! Large stone creatures that block your way.
Pokey Bullet Bill Boo King Boo Peepa Mr. I
Encyclopedia image of Pokey from Mario Party Superstars Encyclopedia image of Bullet Bill from Mario Party Superstars Artwork of a Boo in Mario Party Superstars Artwork of King Boo in Mario Party: Star Rush Artwork of a Peepa in Mario Party: Star Rush Encyclopedia image of Mr. I from Mario Party Superstars
Cactus-like critters that like to pop up and surprise passersby. Creatures that get fired out of a cannon. They explode on contact, so stay away. Too shy to look you in the eye. Always hides when spotted. King of the Boos. Takes pride in his large body and shining crown. Unlike Boos, they are not shy enough to hide when spotted. Giant floating eyeballs. Run circles around them to stop them from seeing straight.
Swoop Cheep Cheep Cheep Chomp Urchin Huckit Crab Buzzy Beetle
Nocoverart.png Nocoverart.png Encyclopedia image of Cheep Chomp from Mario Party Superstars Nocoverart.png Nocoverart.png Nocoverart.png
A creature that lurks in the shadows, waiting for a chance to cause trouble. Graceful swimmers commonly found in the ocean. Sometimes found in rivers too. Has a massive maw and will voraciously devour anything in sight. Spiked creatures that spend their lives floating in the water and blocking paths. Can often be found at the water's edge. The oversized claw is oddly cute. Protected by a tough, dark shell.
Penguin Baby Penguin Ukiki
Nocoverart.png Encyclopedia image of Baby Penguin from Mario Party Superstars Encyclopedia image of Ukiki from Mario Party Superstars
A large penguin known to slide on its belly. Baby penguin's parent. The child of penguin that lives in a cold locale. Is a baby. Mischievous monkeys that can often be found at the tops of trees.

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The game features five boards from the three Nintendo 64 Mario Party titles.

International logo for Mario Party
Board Description Difficulty
Yoshi's Tropical Island Yoshi's Tropical Island in Mario Party Superstars

A pair of Yoshi-shaped islands brimming with fruit. Watermelon Island is on the left, while Cantaloupe Island is on the right.


Peach's Birthday Cake Peach's Birthday Cake in Mario Party Superstars

A double-layered cake topped with succulent strawberries. Be careful though - you might find Bowser hanging out by the pudding.


English logo for Mario Party 2
Board Description Difficulty
Space Land Space Land in Mario Party Superstars

A space station designed with paths radiating out from the center. Keep an eye on the timer and the Bowser-controlled cannon!


Horror Land Horror Land in Mario Party Superstars

A land where day changes to night and back again before you know it. Things get spooky after dark when the ghosts come out to play!


Logo for Mario Party 3.
Board Description Difficulty
Woody Woods Woody Woods in Mario Party Superstars

A forest that causes anyone who enters to become lost. Signs point you every which way, and you may encounter a dubious tree within.



Item Description Price
Nocoverart.png Skeleton Key[13] Open a gate. Can only be used when you're next to a gate. 3 coins
Sticker of a Mushroom from Mario Party Superstars Mushroom[13] +5 to dice roll, then move the total amount. 3 coins
Artwork of a Cursed Dice Block in Mario Party Superstars Cursed Dice Block[13] A die that can roll only a number between 1 and 3. 3 coins
Artwork of Double Dice in Mario Party Superstars Double Dice[13] Roll 2 dice, then move the total amount. 5 coins
Sticker of Chomp Call from Mario Party Superstars Chomp Call[13] Call Chain Chomps to move a Star. 7 coins
6 coins (Forest Shop)
Nocoverart.png Warp Block[13] Swap spaces with a random opponent. 7 coins
Artwork of Triple Dice in Mario Party Superstars Triple Dice[13] Roll 3 dice, then move the total amount. 10 coins
Artwork of a Custom Dice Block in Mario Party Superstars Custom Dice Block[13] Roll whatever number you want from 1 to 10. 12 coins
Nocoverart.png Plunder Chest[1] Steal an item from the opponent of your choice. 20 coins (Forest Shop)
Sticker of Golden Pipe from Mario Party Superstars Golden Pipe[13] Warp to a Star. 25 coins
Nocoverart.png Hidden Block Card[16] Makes a hidden block appear. 40 coins (Forest Shop)
Sticker of Boo Bell from Mario Party Superstars Boo Bell[17] Boo will steal from an opponent a Star (for 50 coins) or coins (for free).
Sticker of Dueling Glove from Mario Party Superstars Dueling Glove[17] Duel the opponent of your choice.
Nocoverart.png Super Warp Block[18] Swap spaces with an opponent of your choice.
Nocoverart.png Double Star Card[17] Exchange for double the Stars. Can be used only at a Star Exchange.
Nocoverart.png Item Bag[13] Fill up on items till you can't hold any more!


  • Start Space - "Your journey to become the next Super Star starts here."
  • Blue Space - "Get 3 coins." (Last 5 turns: "Get 6 coins.")
  • Red Space - "Lose 3 coins." (Last 5 turns: "Lose 6 coins.")
  • Bowser Space - "The most dangerous space. Nothing good can come of it."
  • Event Space
    • Yoshi's Tropical Island: "Cheep Chomp plays a crafty trick. Keep your eyes peeled!"
    • Space Land: "If you're facing down a speeding!"
    • Peach's Birthday Cake: "You can spend coins here to add a strawberry."/"[Character]'s strawberry will steal your coins here."/"[Character]'s strawberry will steal your Star here."; "Take a shortcut on this slide!"
    • Woody Woods: "Stop here, and Monty Mole will change the arrow sign."; "Stop here, and you can get some fruit."; "There's something a little sinister about this tree..."
    • Horror Land: "Stop here to change day to night or night to day."
  • VS Space - "Players bet coins before facing off in a minigame!"
  • Lucky Space - "Spin the roulette wheel for a chance at items or coins!" (Final turn: "Spin the roulette wheel for a chance at coins!")
  • Item Space - "Get an item from an Item Minigame." (Final turn: "It's the last turn, so there won't be an Item Minigame.")
  • Chance Time Space - "Hit the three rotating blocks for a chance at a comeback!"
  • Koopa Bank - "Deposit 3 coins when you pass. Try landing here too!" (Last 5 turns: "Deposit 5 coins when you pass. Try landing here too!")

Passing spaces

  • Star Exchange - "Exchange 20 coins for a Star."
  • Boo - "Steal coins for free or a Star for 50 coins."
  • Bowser - "It looks like Bowser has something for you..."
  • Koopa Troopa - "A lap around the board! You'll receive 10 coins."
  • Item Shop - "Buy items with coins." (Final turn: "Buy items with coins. Currently unavailable.")
  • Crossroads - "Choose which way to go."
  • Gate - "A closed gate. It might open with a key."
  • Thwomp - "Give the Thwomp coins, and you can pass."
  • Bowser Junction - "Counts down when you pass by. What happens at zero?"
  • Snifit Station - "Stop here to get a speed trap from the Snifit Patrol."/"Get a speed trap when the Snifit Patrol gets back."
  • Flower Lottery - "Select a seed, then follow whichever path sprouts!"
  • Signpost - "You must follow the arrows. Watch out! They change."
  • Forest Shop - "An exclusive item shop hidden deep in the forest."
  • Monty Mole Hole - "Pay Monty Mole coins here to change the arrow signs."
  • Mr. I's Stone - "Mr. I will warp you across the board."
  • Whomp Blocker - "This Whomp is blocking the way. Pay it coins to pass."
  • Party Place - "Stop by at night if you want to join the party."
  • Mystery Mansion - "Something magical might happen here during the day."
  • King Boo's Stone - "At night, pay 150 coins to steal a Star from everyone."


Main article: List of Mario Party Superstars minigames

The game has 100 minigames from previous Mario Party titles, much like Mario Party: The Top 100. There are also five item minigames that do not count towards the total in the game, bringing the number up to 105.[14]

4 vs. 1 vs. 3 2 vs. 2 Duel Item Sports and Puzzles Total
International logo for Mario Party 8 2 2 12
English logo for Mario Party 2 12 3 5 2 21
Logo for Mario Party 3. 10 6 4 3 3 1 27
The logo for Mario Party 4 3 2 2 1 8
English logo for Mario Party 5 7 2 1 10
The logo for Mario Party 6 7 3 1 1 12
The logo for Mario Party 7 3 1 1 1 6
MP8 Logo.png 2 2
MP9 logo.png 2 1 1 4
Mario Party 10 second logo.png 2 1 3
Total 53 18 18 5 5 6 105

Differences from other Mario Party games

Differences from the original games


  • The gates in Woody Woods function more like the gates in Space Land and Horror Land; specifically, they are located directly on their corresponding junctions, and as such, their directions can only be taken if the player has a Skeleton Key.
  • Approximately a quarter of Blue Spaces on boards are now Lucky Spaces.
  • Toadette now gives the star on the boards in place of Toad and the Millennium Star.
  • Characters that were not present in the original games now appear on some of the boards, including Huckit Crabs and Urchins in Yoshi's Tropical Island, Peepas in Horror Land, and Galoombas in Woody Woods.
  • In the original Mario Party boards, Bowser can now give a Cursed Dice Block for an expensive price when players pass him as well as a dud item.
  • There are now item shops in the original Mario Party boards and more than one item shop in Horror Land.
  • A Cheep Chomp replaces the giant Cheep Cheep in Yoshi's Tropical Island.
  • The layout of Peach's Birthday Cake has been altered, such as moving the Flower Lottery to after the star and making the Bowser route a risky shortcut that loops back towards the star.
  • The available seeds in the Flower Lottery now reset once the Bowser seed is selected, instead of after all seeds have been selected. The seeds also now differ by shape rather than color.
  • Lakitu now plants the Piranha Plants in Peach's Birthday Cake instead of Goomba. The Piranha Plants can now disappear once their corresponding Event Space has been landed on, and every pair of Event Spaces now corresponds to the same Piranha Plant instead of each Event Space having its own Piranha Plant. Additionally, players now have the option to plant a coin-stealing or star-stealing Piranha Plant instead of being limited to a star-stealing one. Also, when landing on their own Piranha Plant, the player will earn a few coins as well and be given the option to upgrade their coin-stealing Piranha Plant to a star-stealing one, provided the player has enough coins.
  • Players now give 3 coins when passing a Koopa Bank or 5 coins during the last five turns, instead of always giving a flat 5 coins.
  • Koopa Kid no longer appears in the Mario Party 2 boards.
  • Actual Snifits run the Snifit Police stations in Space Land instead of Snufits.
  • King Boo replaces the Big Boo in Horror Land.
  • The Koopa Bank on the left of the board in Woody Woods has been moved to the top, and another Koopa Bank has been added, totalling three Koopa Banks on the board.
  • Wigglers and the multiple MIPS are absent from Woody Woods, the former being replaced by Galoombas and the latter having been replaced by small rabbits.
  • The Monty Mole huts in Woody Woods that allow players to switch the signposts are now Monty Mole burrows from which Monty Moles emerge to talk directly to the player. Additionally, the bottom-left hut has been replaced by a unique Item Shop known as the Forest Shop.


  • Characters vocalize more frequently in minigames.
  • Certain minigames now result in multiple victories instead of a draw if multiple characters survive.
  • As with Mario Party: The Top 100, minigames from Mario Party 3 no longer have flat aesthetics.
  • Many of the changes to returning minigames from The Top 100 remain.
  • Both the Mario Party 6 minigame What Goes Up... and the Mario Party 10 minigame Rapid River Race now have a record system, both of which were absent in their respective games.
  • Just like Hexagon Heat in The Top 100, the mushrooms in Mushroom Mix-Up have different patterns, possibly to help people with color blindness. The same was done to the blocks in both Mario's Puzzle Party and Block Star and the marbles in Stick and Spin.
  • In Cast Aways, the reeling time when the player does not catch anything is significantly faster.
  • Despite Crazy Cutters being based on its appearance in Mario Party, both Chain Chomp and Blooper appear as possible characters, both of which appear in the Mario Party 2 version. Additionally, it uses its name from Mario Party 2 rather than being named Crazy Cutter as in Mario Party.
  • Players who fall off the tower in Hammer Drop now lose all the coins they collected during the minigame.
  • The pictures that can be revealed in Tipsy Tourney are now of a Mushroom, Fire Flower, or Star, rather than just a coin.
  • Unlike previous versions of Piranha's Pursuit, as well as Parasol Plummet, the cloud the players stand on (Fwoosh in the latter) has no face.
  • As with The Final Battle! in The Top 100, any appearances of Koopa Kid in minigames from Mario Party 2 and 3 are replaced with Bowser Jr.
  • Unlike previous version of Dizzy Dancing, the record spins clockwise instead of spinning counterclockwise.
  • In the ice version of Bumper Balls, the frozen Fly Guy has been removed.
  • Hot Rope Jump can now end if two or more players reach 99 jumps.
  • In the Toad version of Roll Call, as well as Messy Memory, the Toads' vests are colored red instead of blue.
  • In Archer-ival, if the three player team wins, surviving players will pop from behind the brick wall holding their respective panels to celebrate.
    • Also in Archer-ival, the solo player no longer receives extra coins from hitting the Goomba, Boo, or Bowser Jr. panels. Additionally, the Toad panel has been replaced by the Goomba panel.
  • The players in Look Away now have their own portraits showing the top half of their bodies rather than being disembodied heads.
  • In Quicksand Cache, the three players now share the coins they collect, rather than each player keeping the coins they collect individually.
  • In Speed Hockey and Shell Soccer, a green shell is used instead of a red one.
  • In Balloon Burst, the time it takes to fully pump a single gust of air into the Bowser balloon is longer.
  • The pirate theming in Roll Out the Barrels and the space theming in Hammer Slammer are absent.
  • Players are stunned for a shorter time when hitting the mines in Cheep Cheep Chase.
  • The cylindrical path in Motor Rooter is now colored metallic grey instead of green.
  • The Piranha Plants in Winner's Wheel have been removed.
  • Bobbing Bow-loons is now played from the opposite side, with the player on the left side and the balloons on the right side.
  • In Swinging with Sharks, Bowser Jr. stands on a barrel instead of riding on sushi like Koopa Kid does.
  • The team tubes in Tube It or Lose It are all colored black, rather than being colored based on character in Mario Party 5 or player placement in Mario Party: The Top 100.
  • The minigames from Mario Party 9 and 10 use the same arrangement as other minigames for their win theme, unlike The Top 100, which gave them separate arrangements.
  • Like in Mario Party: The Top 100, several minigame themes from Mario Party 3 now use their names from the Mario Party 3 Original Soundtrack instead of their in-game names from the North American localization of Mario Party 3.
  • The song "Going for the Coins" from Mario Party 2 is referred to as "Take the Coin", and the song "Know What I Mean?" does not have the question mark in its name, both oddities that were also present in Mario Party: The Top 100.

Differences from other, previous games

  • Rolling two 7's no longer yields a larger coin bonus than rolling two of any other number.
  • After the star moves to a new location, the camera will zoom out to show the full board.
  • A rearranged version of the board's music track plays during the last five turns.
  • During board events, players have the option to fast-forward the event's animations.
  • The coins earned from the minigame played on every 5th turn (except the last turn) are doubled.
  • Unlike Mario Party: The Top 100, minigames now retain their original intros and endings and music tracks (in the case of minigames that appeared in both the original Mario Party and Mario Party 2, the track of whichever version is used). Some minigames, however, have altered endings, most notably minigames from Mario Party 9 and 10, which now have traditional endings in the style of earlier games.
  • If the player chooses to skip the intro to certain minigames, the music starts at a different point in the song rather than from the beginning.


To promote the game, Nintendo collaborated with the Japanese idol group "King & Prince" and produced two promotional commercials that featured them playing Mario Party Superstars.[19] The Japanese Mario Party Superstars website also featured promotional images of the idol group playing the game.[20]


Awards and acknowledgements

Mario Party Superstars was nominated for Best Family game at The Game Awards 2021, though it lost to It Takes Two.[21]


Main article: List of Mario Party Superstars staff

The game's staff credits are displayed underneath a scrapbook that flips through pages depicting artwork and screenshot photos from the previous Mario Party games, with which the player can interact via a cursor. Interacting with the Boo in the Mario Party 5 section and Donkey Kong in the Mario Party 10 section makes their respective noises.

Pre-release and unused content

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E3 demo

  • The characters' win animations were recycled from their 1st place animations from Mario Party 10 (Mario Party 9 in Birdo's case), which were also used as their win animations in Super Mario Party. In the final game, they receive new winning animations which replace the old ones.[13]
  • A lot of the details on Peach's Birthday Cake were not present in the demo, most notably a large portion of the arrow signs and arrow markings made of frosting on the ground.[13]
  • When the camera zooms out to show the whole board when the star changed location, a star icon is shown where Toadette is. In the demo, the icon was teal-colored, while in the final game, it is black.[13]
  • Stickers, when selected in-game, were much larger than in the final game.[13]
  • Toad's name was not present on his textbox while he talks to the players in the E3 demo.[13]
  • When certain characters talked, a small icon with their face is seen next to their textbox in the demo, which is absent from the final game.[13]
  • On the Lucky Space's roulette wheel, the names of items were not colored yellow.[13]
  • The banner that says, "You Got a Star!" when the player obtains a star has a different coloration in the demo than the final game.[13]
  • On the map, the icons for NPC characters had a white background rather than a black background.[13]
  • On Space Land, the Snifit's dialogue and dialogue options when the player passes it are different.[13]


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Audio.svg Yoshi's Tropical Island
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Audio.svg Peach's Birthday Cake
File infoMedia:MPS Peach's Birthday Cake.oga
Audio.svg Space Land
File infoMedia:MPS Space Land.oga
Audio.svg Horror Land (Day)
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References to other games

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マリオパーティ スーパースターズ[1]
Mario Pāti Sūpāsutāzu
Mario Party Superstars
Chinese (Simplified) 马力欧派对 超级巨星[22]
Mǎlì'ōu Pàiduì Chāojíjùxīng
Mario Party Superstars
Chinese (Traditional) 瑪利歐派對 超級巨星[8]
Mǎlì'ōu Pàiduì chāojíjùxīng
Mario Party Superstars
Korean 마리오 파티 슈퍼스타즈
Malio Pati Syupeoseutajeu
Mario Party Superstars


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