Rapid River Race

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Rapid River Race
Rapid River Race, from Mario Party 10.
Rapid River Race from Mario Party Superstars
Appears in Mario Party 10
Mario Party Superstars
Type Free-for-All minigame
Initial record 1'00"00 (Mario Party Superstars)
Music track Swing!
Music sample
Mario Party 10:

Mario Party Superstars:

Rapid River Race is a Free-for-All minigame appearing in Mario Party 10 and Mario Party Superstars.


The minigame takes place on a stretch of water divided into four lanes where the players are racing in hovercrafts on each identical track. The objective is to boost speed to get ahead of the other racers while avoiding Urchins. A six-bar meter on the top left of the screen indicates how fast the player is traveling. The meter starts with one bar, but every time the player increases their speed, another bar is added until the maximum speed is reached. If any player hits an Urchin, they will spin out for one second, lose all of their speed, and revert the meter to one bar if it was increased. The first player to make it all the way to the end wins.

In Mario Party Superstars, the minigame has a record system, absent in the original version. Visually, the water is slightly less transparent and has more of a bluish tint. Additionally, at the end of the minigame, the players stand outside their hovercrafts on a beach, with the winner doing their victory pose in front.


Mario Party 10[edit]

  • +Control Pad left or right − Switch spots
  • Two Button − Accelerate

Mario Party Superstars[edit]

  • Control Stick (Left and Right) – Move
  • Single Joy-Con Right Button – Accelerate

In-game text[edit]

Mario Party 10[edit]

  • "Boost your speed with Two Button!"
  • Minigame Space Description – "Split-second game"

Mario Party Superstars[edit]

  • "Steer your hovercraft to the finish line. Go as fast as you can, but watch out for Urchins!"

Mario Party 10 challenge[edit]

  • Speed Rafter: The player must reach the goal within 20 seconds.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ホバーボートレース
Hobā Bōto Rēsu
Hover Boat Race
Dutch Hovercraftcross -
French Pointes de vitesse Maximum speed (Pun with "Spikes" and "Maximum")
German Schnellbootraserei Fast Boat Rage
Italian A tavoletta Hit the gas
Korean 호버 보드 레이스
Hobeo Bodeu Reiseu
Hover Board Race
Portuguese (NOA) Raia Rápida Quick Lane
Portuguese (NOE) Velocistas Náuticos Nautical Speedsters
Russian Водные гонки
Vodnyje gonki
Water Race
Spanish (NOA) Cuestión de aceleración Matter of Acceleration
Spanish (NOE) A toda pastilla Full Throttle