Bowser's Tank Terror

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Bowser's Tank Terror
Boss minigame from Mario Party 10; Bowser's Tank Terror 1st phase.
Appears in Mario Party 10
Type Boss minigame
Music track Bowser!
Bowser Showdown
Dry Bowser!
Dry Bowser Showdown
Music sample

Bowser Showdown: Dry Bowser!: Dry Bowser Showdown:

Bowser's Tank Terror is the final boss minigame appearing in Mario Party 10. It takes place in Chaos Castle and pits players against Bowser.


The minigame takes place in a volcanic landscape, in the middle of a sea of lava. The players are shown piloting small tanks on a square arena resembling a small castle. The camera focuses on the center of the arena as Bowser is lifted in by an elevator, piloting a large purple tank with five cannons. After laughing at the players, he sits at the controls and roars, beginning the minigame.


Unlike in most boss minigames, the gameplay changes drastically between phases.

Phase 1[edit]

Initially, players must fire bombs at Bowser's tank, gaining one point per hit. Mushrooms will periodically float into the arena in bubbles; touching one will enlarge the player, doubling their damage but slowing their speed. If hit while giant, the player shrinks back to normal; if hit at normal size, the player will bounce off from Bowser's tank (if they hit his tank with their tank).

Bowser mainly attacks by firing spiked bombs from his tank's main cannon, but he can also launch flame jets from the four cannons on the corners of the vehicle—at this point, he will usually rotate in place to try to catch players offguard. Being hit by any of Bowser's attacks deducts two points from the player's total. Touching Bowser's tank does no damage, but it can still shrink a giant player.

As Bowser takes damage, his tank will begin losing parts of its armor, including its side cannons (which disables one of his flame jets). When his health approaches the halfway point, Bowser will begin using a charge attack that takes away two points from any player it hits.

When Bowser loses half of his health, his tank will explode and hurl him into the lava north of the arena. However, he quickly returns as Dry Bowser, enlarging himself and destroying the outer edges of the arena with a monstrous roar.

Phase 2[edit]

Boss minigame from Mario Party 10; Bowser's Tank Terror 2nd phase.

Now on a smaller, rectangular arena, players must continue to fire at Dry Bowser to earn points and deplete his health. Mushrooms will still spawn periodically, enabling players to double their damage output until they get hit.

Dry Bowser mainly attacks by breathing large blue fireballs or throwing bones across the stage. He can also jump into the background (out of the range of the players' cannons) and bombard the stage with fireballs; players should watch for the blue spots and move to another part of the stage. All of Dry Bowser's attacks take three points from anyone they hit; his fireballs can redirect the movement of Mushrooms that touch them, but his bone attack will knock them out of the arena.

Bowser has 286 hit points in total, across both phases. The player who lands the finishing blow gets ten extra points before the result screen is shown. The player with the most points overall wins the minigame.


After gaining the last hit, Dry Bowser glows brightly while clutching his stomach in pain before exploding.


  • +Control Pad − Move
  • Two Button − Fire

In-game description[edit]

Attack with Two Button! Power up with Mushrooms!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クッパのファイナルタンクバトル
Kuppa no fainaru tanku batoru
Bowser's Final Tank Battle
Dutch Bowsers Tanktoren Bowser's Tank Tower
French Tank terrible de Bowser Bowser's terrible tank
German Bowsers Kettenkeilerei Bowser's Chain Melee
Italian Bowser, il distruttore corazzato Bowser, the armored destroyer
Portuguese Tanque Terrível do Bowser Bowser's Dreadful Tank
Spanish (NOA) Tanque terrorífico de Bowser Bowser's Terrifying Tank
Spanish (NOE) Bowser el Destructor acorazado Bowser the Armored Destroyer


  • When the players jump in shock at Dry Bowser's appearance, they have a unique voice clip not heard in any other minigame.
  • This is the only boss minigame where the boss icon changes.