Movin' Mushrooms

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Movin' Mushrooms
Movin' Mushrooms from Mario Party 10.
Appears in Mario Party 10
Type 1-vs.-2 or 3 minigame
Time limit 45 seconds
Music track This Is Fun!
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Movin' Mushrooms is a 1-vs.-2 or 3 minigame appearing in Mario Party 10.


The minigame is set in a castle lottery, where Mushrooms fall from the conveyors above. While the solo player controls all three blue girders, the rivals each have to control a red girder with their own image on it. The objective is to get Super Mushrooms and Golden Mushrooms into the respective cart. Super Mushrooms are worth one point, while Golden Mushrooms are worth three. If a Poison Mushroom falls into a cart, then the respective side loses three points. After the time limit, the side with more points wins.

In the 1-vs.-2 version of this minigame, one of the rivals will control the top left and top right two girders, while the other rival will control the bottom center girder.


  • Wii Remote – Tilt girders

In-game description[edit]

Get Super and Gold Mushrooms in your carts!

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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese かたむけキノコ
Katemuke Kinoko
Tilted Mushrooms
Dutch Paddenstoelperikelen Mushroom Risk
French Répartition des champignons Mushroom distribution
German Pilzwippen
Italian Funghi a gogò Mushrooms galore
Portuguese Carrinhos e Cogumelos Carts and Mushrooms
Spanish (NOA) Chaparrón de champiñones Mushroom Downpour
Spanish (NOE) Lluvia de champiñones Mushroom Rain