Cheep Cheep Check

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Cheep Cheep Check
Cheep Cheep Check, from Mario Party 10.
Appears in Mario Party 10
Type 1-vs.-2 or 3 minigame
Time limit 15 seconds to count the Cheep Cheeps
Music track Gentle Sea Breeze
How Many?
Were You Right?
Music sample
Gentle Sea Breeze:

How Many?:

Cheep Cheep Check is a 1-vs.-2 or 3 minigame appearing in Mario Party 10.


The players are at an aquarium with Cheep Cheeps and Clampys inside. The rivals must count the Cheep Cheeps, while the solo player must throw off the rivals' count—this can be done by scaring the Cheep Cheeps and opening the two Clampys. Once the time runs out, the rivals must calculate the number of Cheep Cheeps that were inside the tank. Once the time limit on that behalf runs out, the number of Cheep Cheeps is unveiled. If the rivals get the number right, they win. If the rivals get the number wrong, the solo player wins.


Solo (1 player)[edit]

  • A Button − Scare Cheep Cheeps / Open Clampys

Rivals (2 or 3 players)[edit]

  • Wii Remote − Move cursor
  • A Button − Select input for the number of Cheep Cheeps

In-game text[edit]

Solo Player: Try to distract your rivals with A Button! - Rivals: Count the Cheep Cheeps!

  • Minigame Space Description – "Quick examination"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese プクプクかぞえて
Pukupuku kazoete
Count the Cheep Cheeps

Dutch Cheep Cheeps Tellen
Counting Cheep Cheeps
French Inventaire des Cheep Cheep
Cheep Cheep inventary
German Cheep-Cheep-Check
Italian Pesci Smack a rapporto
Cheep Cheep report
Portuguese Contagem do Cardume
Shoal Count
Spanish Inventario en el acuario
Inventory in the Aquarium