Bullet Bill Bullies

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Bullet Bill Bullies
Bullet Bill Bullies, from Mario Party 10.
Appears in Mario Party 10
Type 1-vs.-2 or 3 minigame
Time limit 20 seconds
Music track To the Right and to the Left
Music sample

Bullet Bill Bullies is a 1-vs.-2 or 3 minigame appearing in Mario Party 10.


While the solo player is on a Switchboard, the rivals must shoot Bullet Bills at the solo player. If the solo player gets hit by a Bullet Bill, they lose one heart. The solo player has two hearts if there are two rivals and three hearts if there are three rivals. If all of the solo player's hearts are lost before time is up, the rivals win. If the solo player has at least one heart left after time is up, they win.


Solo (1 player)[edit]

  • +Control Pad − Move

Rivals (2 or 3 players)[edit]

  • +Control Pad left or right − Change angle of firing
  • Two Button − Fire

In-game text[edit]

Solo Player: Avoid the Bullet Bills! - Rivals: Press Two Button to fire!

  • Minigame Space Description – "Split-second game"

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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese あっちこっちリフト
Acchi Kocchi Rifuto
Place to Place Lift
Dutch Bullet Bill-bombardement Bullet Bill bombardment
French Bascule et Bill Balles Bascule and Bullet Bills
German Kugelwilli-Kanonen Bullet Bill Cannons
Italian In fuga dai Pallottoli Bill Escape from Bullet Bills
Portuguese À Lei da Bala To the Law of the Bullet
Spanish (NOA) Esquiva explosiva Explosive Dodge
Spanish (NOE) Matones con cañones Cannon Bullies