Mega Blooper's Bubble Battle

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Mega Blooper's Bubble Battle
Boss minigame from Mario Party 10; Mega Blooper's Bubble Battle.
Appears in Mario Party 10
Type Boss minigame
Music track Mega Blooper!
Mega Blooper Showdown
Angry Mega Blooper
Music sample
Mega Blooper!:

Mega Blooper Showdown:

Angry Mega Blooper:

Mega Blooper's Bubble Battle is a boss minigame appearing in Mario Party 10. It takes place in Whimsical Waters and pits players against Mega Blooper.


The minigame takes place around a chasm at the bottom of the ocean. As the players float near the sea floor, Mega Blooper rises from the chasm, ready for battle.


Bubbles rise from the chasm around Mega Blooper, each carrying half of a picture inside it. Players must choose a bubble with a picture half that correctly completes the picture at the bottom of the screen. A successful match allows the player to fire the picture at Mega Blooper (gaining two points in the process), after which a new picture appears. Sometimes, multiple half-pictures appear (up to four); all must be completed before a new set appears.

As the minigame progresses, Mega Blooper tries to confuse the players by releasing ink over the chasm to obscure the bubbles. After losing half of its health, it gains the ability to swim in a circle, carrying bubbles in its wake; this temporarily makes the images harder to see and the bubbles themselves harder to hit. It also summons a swarm of regular Bloopers; anyone who makes an incorrect match at this point is attacked by a Blooper, losing one point.

The minigame ends once Mega Blooper's HP drops to zero. The player who lands the final blow gains an additional five points. After Mega Blooper is defeated, the result screen is shown with a sum of points, penalties, and bonuses. The player with the most points overall wins the minigame.


After gaining the last hit, Mega Blooper spins right to the bottom of the water and then explodes.


  • Wii Remote − Move cursor
  • Two Button − Select panel

In-game text[edit]

  • American English version: "Pair the panels to attack!"
  • British English version: "Complete the panels to attack!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 巨大ゲッソーの絵あわせパネルバトル
Kyodai Gessō no e awase paneru batoru
Giant Blooper's Picture Matching Panel Battle
Dutch Mega-Bloopers Kaartenkloof Mega Blooper's Card Ravine
French Bataille de bulles de Méga Bloups Mega Blooper's Bubble battle
German Mega-Bloopers Blasenschlacht Mega Blooper's Bubble Battle
Italian Battaglia di bolle di Mega Calamako Mega Blooper's Bubble Battle
Portuguese Batalha de Bolhas do Mega Blooper Mega Blooper's Bubble Battle
Spanish (NOA) Batalla de burbujas de blooper gigante Giant Blooper's Bubble Battle
Spanish (NOE) Las triquiñuelas de Mega Blooper Mega Blooper's Tricks