Ice Slide, You Slide

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Ice Slide, You Slide
Ice Slide, You Slide.png
Appears in Mario Party 10
Type Free-for-All minigame
Music Peaceful Snow

Ice Slide, You Slide is a Free-for-All minigame appearing in Mario Party 10. The name of this minigame is likely a pun on "I slide, you slide".


The players are sliding on ice. They have to go under a Fliprus and over the rolling snowballs while sliding on ice. Once the players reach the end, they must struggle to reach the finish line first in order to win.


B Button − Duck
Wii Remote − Jump/Gain momentum at the homestretch

In-game description[edit]

"Run, jump, and slide to the goal!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ツルツルフローズンロード
Tsurutsuru Furōzun Rōdo
Slippery Frozen Road
Spanish (NOA) Escapada helada Frozen Getaway
Spanish (NOE) Atletismo sobre hielo Ice Athletics
French Galop glacé Frozen Gallop
Dutch Winterwedloop Winter Race
German Schlitterwochen
Italian Aletica su ghiaccio Ice athletics
Portuguese Atletismo sobre o Gelo Ice Athletics