Hammer Slammer

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Not to be confused with Hammer Spammer or Bowser's Hammer Slammer.
Hammer Slammer
Hammer Slammer.png
Appears in Mario Party 2
Type Item mini-game
Time limit 10 seconds
Music Got an Item

Hammer Slammer is an Item minigame found in Space Land in Mario Party 2.


The player has to hit the target spot hard enough with a hammer to bring the pointer up to the desired item. If the player hits the target too hard (resulting in the pointer bouncing back and picking the Baby Bowser item), does nothing at all throughout the game (resulting in the pointer falling off the pole), or lands the pointer on the Baby Bowser item, they get nothing. It is possible, however, to hit the target too hard and still get an item.


  • A Button (Repeatedly) – Raise hammer
  • B Button – Drop hammer

In-game text[edit]

  • Game Rules"Use the might of the hammer to launch the shuttle to the Item you want."
  • Advice"If you raise the hammer too high, the shuttle will get bounced back by a spring. If it stops at Baby Bowser, you miss!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese シャトルハンマー
Shatoru Hanmā
Shuttle Hammer
French Marteau Bobo Boo-Boo Hammer
German Hau den Lukas Hit the High Striker
Italian Giù di Martello Down with Hammer
Spanish Machaca Martillo Hammer Crush