Boo Bell

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Not to be confused with Peepa Bell.
Boo Bell
Japanese artwork of the Boo Bell stamp from Mario Party Superstars accompanied by text reading, “リンリン♪”.
Artwork from Mario Party Superstars
First appearance Mario Party 2 (1999)
Latest appearance Mario Party Superstars (2021)
Effect Allows players to steal coins or a Star from a selected opponent

The Boo Bell is an item in the Mario Party series. Its use is to ring for Boo and ask him to steal coins or a star, depending on how much the player can afford. The Boo Bell first appears in Mario Party 2, where it can be obtained in an Item Minigame only. In Mario Party 3, it appears more frequently, as it can be purchased from Koopa Kid. The item returns in Mario Party: The Top 100 and Mario Party Superstars, depicted with Boo's face imprinted.

The Boo Bell is replaced by Boo's Crystal Ball in Mario Party 4.


Mario Party: The Top 100[edit]

Boo Bell:

Sends out Boo to fetch one of your rivals' stars.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese テレベル
Pormanteau of「テレサ」(Teresa, Boo) and "bell"

Chinese (simplified) 害羞幽灵铃铛
Hàixiū yōulíng língdāng
Boo Bell

Chinese (traditional) 害羞幽靈鈴鐺
Hàixiū yōulíng língdāng
Boo Bell

Dutch Boo-bel
Boo Bell
French Cloche Boo
Boo Bell
German Geisterglocke
Ghost Bell
Italian Campana Boo
Boo Bell
Korean 부끄부끄 벨
Bukkeu-bukkeu Bel
Boo Bell

Portuguese Busino
Pun on buzina ("horn"), from Bu ("Boo") and sino ("bell")
Spanish (NOA) Campana Boo
Campana bú (Mario Party: The Top 100)
Boo Bell
Boo Bell
Spanish (NOE) Campana Boo
Boo Bell