Peepa Bell

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Peepa Bell
Peepa Bell1.png
First appearance Super Mario Party (2018)
Effect Steals one coin from a chosen rival each time they move on their next turn
Princess Peach holding a Peepa Bell

The Peepa Bell is an item in Super Mario Party. It resembles a Peepa with a handle on its head. When this item is used, the player can choose whom to use it on; then, the player uses the Peepa Bell to call a Peepa. After that, on the next turn of the player that was chosen, the Peepa chases them and takes one coin from them each time they move. The Peepa Bell can be purchased from the Flutter's Item Shop on Megafruit Paradise during a game of Partner Party for five coins. This item acts similarly to the Zap Orb from Mario Party 6 and Mario Party 7. Any player affected by a Peepa Bell cannot use a Golden Drink.


  • In-game description: Call a Peepa to take 1 2D vector artwork of a Coin coin from a rival each time they move.


  • During the Nintendo Treehouse presentation, both the Peepa Bell and the Golden Drink could also be used in the Mario Party mode. This is no longer the case in the final game, where it can be used only in the Partner Party mode.[1]


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