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This is a list of quotes in Super Mario Party. The list is grouped into two categories: fully voiced lines and text dialogue.



  • "Start!" (Most minigames)
  • "3, 2, 1… Go!" (Racing minigames)
  • "Finish!" (All minigames)
  • "You got a Star!"
  • "You got Stars!"
  • "Winner!"
  • "Winners!"
  • "It's a tie!"
  • "Clear!" (When completing Challenge Road or winning Co-op minigames)
  • "Too bad!" (When failing Challenge Road or losing Co-op minigames; also in Mario Party Superstars)
  • "A new record!"
  • "Time's up!" (When time runs out in River Survival or five minutes pass in any minigame)
  • "Ready... Yeah!" (Before a team high-five)
  • "Goal!" (When completing River Survival or shooting a goal in Just for Kicks)
  • "Congratulations!" (When announcing the winner)
  • "You got a gem!"
    • "You got a jewel!" (Japanese version only)
  • "You are the Super Star!" (When announcing the winner in the ending)


  • "Okay!" / "Alright!" / "Yay!" (selected)

Hammer Bro[edit]

  • "Let's go!" (selected)


  • "Oh, yeah!" / "OK!" / "Yes!" (selected)


  • "Mario-time!"/ "I did it!" / "Mario, yeah!" (selected)


  • "Okay." / "All right!" / "Yay!" (selected)


  • "Here we go!" / "Let's go!" / "Oh, yeah!" (selected)


  • "Waluigi!" / "All riiight!" (selected)


  • "Wario!" / "Yeah!" / "A-ha!" (selected)


  • "Yoshiiiii!" (selected)



  • "This is the 11th party! Can you believe it?!"
  • "You got every last Star Gem! Very smooth, <character>. The fun doesn't end here, though. There's always more fun to be had!"
  • "Oh, <character>...the quiz?"
  • "Sorry, but not now. You gotta give me time to think up more questions!"
  • "Come back later, OK?"
  • "It's Mario Party Quiz o'clock!"
  • "I know this is what you came for, and I won't disappoint! It's the Mario Party Quiiiiiz!"
  • "You want to be quizzed! Am I right or am I right?"
  • "Oh, here's an idea! Come up with the right answer on this one, and I'll give you a sticker!"
  • "Aww, that's cute. The prize for getting one right is a sticker!"
  • "What ultimately determines the winner in a game of Mario Party?"
  • "Have there been any games in the Mario Party series in which Bowser didn't appear at all?"
  • "In Mario Party, if there's a tie for Stars, how is the tiebreaker decided?"
  • "Amazing! There's no fooling you, <character>!"
  • "Huh?! I thought for sure I'd get you with that one, <character>!"
  • "You know more about Mario Party than anyone should. Here, have this!"
  • "Ugh! Well, a promise is a promise. Here's your well-deserved reward!"
  • "Awww, too bad! Maybe that one was a little too tough?"
  • "No sticker for you, but don't get too upset."
  • "There's always next time, <character>!"
  • "Keep coming around to get quizzed, and I'll keep doing my best to stump you!"
  • "But the next question's going to be EXTRA hard to make up for it!"
  • "What does the Dash Mushroom add to dice rolls?"
  • "Oh, wow, you got it in one! Great job, <character>!"
  • "As a reward, you get one of my beautiful stickers!"
  • "Keep up the good work and I might have more to hand out."
  • "It's time for Birdo's Mario Party Quiiiiiiiiiz! With a little something extra!"
  • "What does the Golden Dash Mushroom add to dice rolls?"
  • "Uh-oh! You've got that sticker-hungry look on your face, <character>!"

Blue Toad[edit]

  • "Choose character?"
  • "Do you want to choose who participates?"
  • "What's up, <character>?"
  • "Are you sure you want to leave the Plaza?"
  • "OK! Nice of you to stop by!"
  • "I'm here if you need anything."
  • "Got it! Enjoy the party!"
  • "Party till you drop!"
  • "How's your party today? Good?"


  • "Gehheh! Wooo!" (selection screen)
  • "Gehehheh! Our next time will be even better than last time!" (selection screen)
  • "I can't get up to any good mischief by myself. That's why I need to go haunting with you!" (Asking to join)
  • "Gehehheh! Playtime is just getting started!" (When accepted offer)
  • "Should've figured you'd ghost on me." (When declined offer)
  • "Ehhehheh! I'm ready to make some mischief!" (Ally Space)
  • "Ehhehhehh! Let's be...friends." (Ally Space)
  • "Lord Bowser/Bowser Jr.! I'm ready to help you take some Stars!" (Ally Space, using Bowser or Bowser Jr.)


  • "Hey! How long are you gonna keep me waiting? Sitting around here is no kind of party at all! So are we gonna party together or what?" (Asking to join)
  • "Smart choice! Here we go!" (When accepted offer)
  • "What's wrong with you? Can't you tell how awe-inspiring I am?" (When declined offer)
  • "It blows my mind that YOU got all the Star Gems. But the party's not over yet! Whaddaya say? You got the guts to take me along?" (Asking to join after the ending)
  • "That's right! This party ain't over until I say so!" (When accepted offer)
  • "Bah. Greatness is never understood in its own time." (When declined offer)
  • "Sure, I'll do you a favor. You look like you need one! GYAHAHAH!" (Ally Space)
  • "So you need me that bad, huh? Gah, OK, I'll help...but just this once!" (Ally Space)
  • "Hey, Junior! Let's go get all the Stars before anyone else can!" (Ally Space, using Bowser Jr.)
  • "Mario?! GYAHAHAH! I'll help you just for the look on your face!" (Ally Space, using Mario)

Bowser Jr.[edit]

  • "Awww yeah!" (selection screen)
  • "Whatever we're doing, I already know I'll win!" (selection screen)
  • "Were you planning on ditching me here forever?! I can hear everyone ELSE having a great time at the party! Is it my turn here or what?" (Asking to join)
  • "Well, if you INSIST, I'll give it a try!" (When accepted offer)
  • "Fine then! I didn't wanna go with you anyway!" (When declined offer)
  • "I've been waiting for you FOREVER! Let's go steal—I mean, collect Stars!" (Ally Space)
  • "Heh! Soon you'll see how tough I am!" (Ally Space)
  • "Daaad! The two of us are gonna be an unstoppable team!" (Ally Space, using Bowser)
  • "Listen up, Mario! I'll help you out, but just for today, got it?!" (Ally Space, using Mario)


  • "The party's so close I can smell it!" (selection screen)
  • "Ooh, so excited!" (selection screen)
  • "I'm gonna have a blast! I know it!" (selection screen)
  • "Everyone's having so much fun. I wish I could join them. Oh, hey! Maybe, maybe I could go with you?" (Asking to join)
  • "Wow, thanks! I can't wait to get started!" (When accepted offer)
  • "That's too bad. I bet we would've had fun." (When declined offer)
  • "Hey there! With me on your side, we're sure to win!" (Ally Space)
  • "Hi, I'm Daisy! Let's go all out!" (Ally Space)

Diddy Kong[edit]

  • "Ookookook! (Can't wait!)" (selection screen)
  • "Ookook! Ook! (Hurry up! I wanna play!) (selection screen)
  • "Ook ook ook! (I'm not going down easy!)"
  • "Ook ookoook ook! (You're lucky we weren't climbing trees!)"''
  • "Ook ook ook! (Next time we meet, I won't lose!)"
  • "Oook ook! Oook ook ook! (Nice meeting you! I'm Diddy Kong)"
  • "Oook ook! Oook oooook? (Mind if I come along with you?)"
  • "Oook? Oook ook! (Any tree-climbing to do? I'm the best at that!)"
  • "Ookook oook... (I want to go like everyone else...) Ook! Ook ook ook! (You should take me along!)" (Asking to join)
  • "Ooook! Ook ooook! (Yesssss! Thanks!)" (When accepted offer)
  • "Ook? Ookoookook. (Aww, really? Oh well.)" (When declined offer)
  • "Eee! Eee ee ee! (DK! I'm coming with you!)" (Ally Space, using Donkey Kong)
  • "Eee! Eee ee ee! (I'm a tree-climbing champ!)" (Ally Space)
  • "Eee! Eee ee ee! (I'm Diddy! Nice to meet you!)" (Ally Space)

Donkey Kong[edit]

  • "Ooo! Ooo! (I'm ready!)" (selection screen)
  • "Ooo! Ooo! (I'm going all out!)" (selection screen)
  • "Ooo! Ooo oo! (I want to party so bad!) Ooo! Ooo oo oo? (Can I come with you?)" (Asking to join)
  • "Ooo. Ooo oo. (Oh. Well, if you say so.)" (When declined offer)
  • "Ooo? Ooo oo oo! (Really? Nice! This'll be great!)" (When accepted offer)
  • "Ooo! Oook ook! (Nobody's stronger than me!)" (Ally Space)
  • "Ooo! Oook ook! (I'm Donkey Kong! Got any bananas?)" (Ally Space)
  • "Ooo! Oook ook! (Diddy! We're on another adventure together!)" (Ally Space, using Diddy Kong)

Dry Bones[edit]

  • "(Clackety clatter...)" (selection screen)
  • "Rattly clatter... (Hurry...want to go...)" (selection screen)
  • "*rattle*...*rattle rattle* ( myself...) *rattle*...*rattle rattle* (Throw me a bone here...)" (Asking to join)
  • "*rattle*...*rattle* (Great. Let's do this...)" (When accepted offer)
  • "*rattle*...*rattle rattle* (Guess I'll stay here and watch paint dry...)" (When declined offer)
  • "*rattle*...*rattle rattle* (I'll...go with you...)" (Ally Space)
  • "*rattle rattle* *rattle* (You the one...with backbone?)" (Ally Space)
  • "rattle*...*rattle rattle* (Lord Bowser/Bowser Jr....I waited...for you.)" (Ally Space, using Bowser or Bowser Jr.)


  • "This is my item shop! Would you like to buy something?"
  • "Hmmmm, not enough coins. Save up some coins and come back."
  • "Sorry—I'm all out of items! Come back another time." (on the last turn)
  • "Sorry—I'm all out of items! I'll try to have some next time." (on the last turn, using Bowser or Bowser Jr.)
  • "Welcome! Another scorcher today, huh? Please have a look around." (Megafruit Paradise in Pineapple Island)
  • "It's hot! And that ice cream sure looks tasty..."
  • "There's hot then there's this! I'm worried about the stuff in my shop..."
  • "NOO! My precious goods!"
  • "Sorry, but I've gotta close the shop to clean up the mess."


  • "Aw man! I'm missing the party! And here I was really looking forward to it... You gotta take me with you!" (Asking to join)
  • "I'm not as squishy as I look!" (When accepted offer)
  • "Augh! Nobody gets how great I am!" (When declined offer)
  • "I'm Goomba! I've got a good feeling about you!" (Ally Space)
  • "I'll show you a place where you won't get stomped on all the time!" (Ally Space)
  • "We may be small, but we step up when it counts!" (Ally Space, using Diddy Kong)
  • "Lord Bowser/Bowser Jr.! I won't slack off as long as you need me!" (Ally Space, using Bowser or Bowser Jr.)

Hammer Bro[edit]

  • "This party's gonna be mind-blowing!" (selection screen)
  • "Yo! I can't wait here forever! The party is heating up, and I'm raring to go! All I need is a teammate—like you!" (Asking to join)
  • "Hey, thanks! This is gonna RULE!" (When accepted offer)
  • "Oh yeah? Way to kill the mood." (When declined offer)
  • "Someone call for Hammer Bro? Careful you don't get slammed!" (Ally Space)
  • "Yo! Take me with you! We can collect Stars together!" (Ally Space)
  • "Lord Bowser! You ready to wreck stuff? 'Cause I've got the urge!" (Ally Space, using Bowser)
  • "Hold up, Lord Bowser Jr.! I'm here for whatever you need!" (Ally Space, using Bowser Jr.)


  • "Keehee! Welcome to the Bad Luck Space!"
  • "Keeheehee! Welcome to the Extra Bad Luck Space!"
  • "[Character]! Stop the roulette wheel!"
  • "Keeheehee! You're in for it now!"
  • "L-Lord [Bowser/Bowser Jr.]!" (Using Bowser or Bowser Jr.)
  • "I-I-I'm s-sorry, but...I must ask you to stop the roulette wheel." (Using Bowser or Bowser Jr.)
  • "S-sorry about this. Just doing my job..." (Using Bowser or Bowser Jr.)
  • "One of our special guests is late to the party. I last saw him in the jungle. You haven't seen him around, have you? He's supposed to be here by now." (After unlocking Donkey Kong)
  • "Wait a minute! You don't have any items to take!" (When getting "Lose one item" on a Bad Luck Space)


  • "Hello. It's me, Lakitu. I'm pleased to see that you've reached my space."
  • "If you're in the mood for it, I could steal a Star or coins from a rival for you."
  • "If it would please you, I could steal a Star or coins from a rival for you." (Using Bowser or Bowser Jr.)
  • "Very well. I'll be right back." (When stealing)
  • "Wait right here, and I'll be back momentarily!" (When stealing, using Bowser or Bowser Jr.)

Koopa Paratroopa[edit]

  • "If you pay me [#] coins, I'll carry you to one of your rivals."
  • "If you were to pay me [#] coins, I could carry you to a rival's space." (Using Bowser or Bowser Jr.)
  • "Excellent. This will only take a moment. Turn around, if you please." (Pay, using Bowser or Bowser Jr.)
  • "Good. Turn around and we'll be off." (Pay)
  • "Come again!" (Don't pay)
  • "Please come again!" (Don't pay)

Koopa Troopa[edit]

  • "This is exciting!" (selection screen)
  • "Oooh, the suspense is unbearable!" (selection screen)
  • "What's up? Me, I'm just twiddling my thumbs. Why, are you doing something? Can I come?" (Asking to join)
  • "Great! Say, where are we headed?" (When accepted offer)
  • "Oh. Yeah, maybe." (When declined offer)
  • "I want to go on an adventure with you! Do you have room for a Koopa Troopa?" (Ally Space)
  • "Mind if I tag along? I bet I could help out." (Ally Space)
  • "Lord Bowser wants MY help?! Somebody pinch me! I'll get moving on the double!" (Ally Space, using Bowser)
  • "Lord Bowser Jr.! I'll follow any order, just bring me along!" (Ally Space, using Bowser Jr.)

Monty Mole[edit]

  • "It's no fun at all out here! I wanna get in on the party too! C'mon, take me with you!" (Asking to join)
  • "Thanks! You'll be glad you did!" (When accepted offer)
  • "*sigh* Boooooriiiiiing." (When declined offer)
  • "This could be fun. Sure, I'm in!" (Ally Space)
  • "I'm Monty Mole! This looks like too much fun to pass up!" (Ally Space)
  • "Lord Bowser/Bowser Jr., take me on your adventure too!" (Ally Space, using Bowser or Bowser Jr.)
  • "I'm Monty Mole! You look like you're having a good time. I'm coming too!" (Ally Space, using Diddy or Donkey Kong)


  • "I can't wait!" (selection screen)
  • "What sort of party is this?" (selection screen)
  • "I would enjoy going to this with you. Will you take me along?" (Asking to join)
  • "Ah, is that so? Too bad." (When declined offer)
  • "This is wonderful! Thank you!" (When accepted offer)
  • "I can play the hero when I need to, you know." (Ally Space)
  • "Let's travel together! Won't that be fun?" (Ally Space)
  • "I'll help you...this time. Shall we be off?" (Ally Space, using Bowser or Bowser Jr.)
  • "Oh, Mario! I'm so glad I can lend a hand!" (Ally Space, using Mario)

Pom Pom[edit]

  • "Yesss! I'm pumped!" (selection screen)
  • "I'm bringing my A game!" (selection screen)
  • "I know you're not gonna leave me here while there's a party going on! You're my ticket in there! So what do you say? You up for this?" (Asking to join)
  • "Aw yeah! We're gonna rock this party!" (When accepted offer)
  • "Aww, seriously? That's a real shame." (When declined offer)
  • "Hiya! I'm Pom Pom! I hate losing, so let's make sure we win!" (Ally Space)
  • "Were you looking for a friend? Because you found one!" (Ally Space)
  • "Oh, you called Lord Bowser? This should be easy! Nothing can stop us!" (Ally Space, using Bowser)
  • "Lord Bowser Jr.! Long time no see! I'm excited to do my part for you!" (Ally Space, using Bowser Jr.)


  • "It's not a very exciting party on my own. Would you consider taking me along?"
  • "An endless party? I am skeptical, but it's a big universe. May I come with you?" (Asking to join)
  • "Thank you. An endless party is a thing I must see for myself." (When accepted offer)
  • "Thank you. My spirits are lifted already."
  • "Ah. Such a shame." (When declined offer)
  • "Ah, I see. That is unfortunate."
  • "I'll work my hardest to bring about our victory." (Ally Space)
  • "I believe that if we work together, victory is assured." (Ally Space)
  • "I am Rosalina. I could help you a good deal."(Ally Space)

Shy Guy[edit]

  • "Cool..." (selection screen)
  • "We're all ready." (selection screen)
  • "I hoped to enjoy the party with you... ...Maybe I still can?" (Asking to join)
  • "Thanks. That means a lot to me. Really." (When accepted offer)
  • "Sure... I get it." (When declined offer)
  • "Who knows what might happen if you take me with you." (Ally Space)
  • "...I'm Shy Guy. I'm gonna collect lots of Stars." (Ally Space)
  • "You're stuck with me now." (Ally Space, using Mario)
  • "Lord Bowser Jr.! I'm here to help!" (Ally Space, using Bowser Jr.)
  • "Lord Bowser, between the two of us, we'll collect all the stars!" (Ally Space, using Bowser)


  • "Mario looks like he wants to go with you. Will you go with Mario?"
  • "I think he's saying, 'Wa-hoo! We're gonna have fun!'" (After accepting offer to Mario)
  • "...He looks pretty glum." (When declined offer to Mario/Luigi)
  • "Mario joins as an ally! I hope you two can play nice." (Ally Space)
  • "I think he's saying, 'Do you think I could come? Will you go with Luigi?'"
  • "I think he's saying, 'Yeehaw! It's my lucky day!'" (After accepting offer to Luigi)
  • "Luigi joins as an ally! Try not to scare him off, okay?" (Ally Space)
  • "Well, how about that? Luigi is joining you as an ally!" (Ally Space)
  • "Uh-oh! Kamek has sorceled up the Bad Luck Spaces!"
  • "Did you build up enough Party Points to exchange for everything so far?"
  • "Don't forget to use any you've tucked away!"
  • "Congratulations, (character)!" (Square Off)
  • "There's the +1! Choose one more panel!" (Square Off)
  • "You can steal a rival's panel by trapping it between two panels of your own." (Square Off)
  • "Go ahead! Take one panel!" (Square Off)


  • "Over there! First come, first served, so get a move on!"
  • "Golly! (character) is on a hot streak!" (When a player buys multiple Stars in a row before their opponents)
  • "Holy smokes! I don't believe it! You got more than one on the same turn!" (When buying multiple Stars on the same turn)
  • "We're in the homestretch now!" (When landing on the Star Space in the Homestretch)
  • "You got a Star in the homestretch! Well played!" (When buying a star in the Homestretch)
  • "Amazing! First (character) got a Star, then (character) did the same!" (When both teammates buy a star in Partner Party)
  • "Riiiiight there! Who'll be the first to reach it?!"


  • "I'm ready! Are you?" (selection screen)
  • "This'll be good!" (selection screen)
  • "The party's right there! Let's crash it again!" (selection screen)
  • "What, you think I'm not fine hanging out here alone? Just because everyone else is having fun doesn't mean I'm jealous! Not one bit! Although... If you REALLY wanted me to come, I guess I might take you up on that." (Asking to join)
  • "Now you're talkin'! Leave the planning to me!" (When accepted offer)
  • "When I finally find someone desperate enough to take me, you'll regret this!" (When declined offer)
  • "Evil schemes are my specialty!" (Ally Space)
  • "No one has the brains to outsmart me! Just you watch!" (Ally Space)


  • "One thing's for sure: I'm gonna win!" (selection screen)
  • "Let's get going!" (selection screen)
  • "The Gems are all taken! What's this party still going for?! Come to beg for my help, huh?" (Asking to join)
  • "Works for me!" (When accepted offer)
  • "That didn't sound like begging! Who needs you?!" (When declined offer)
  • "No time to waste! Let me at the treasure! GAHAHA!" (Ally Space)
  • "Gahaha! I'm as good as a hundred allies! No—I'm better! Let's go!" (Ally Space)
  • "Wait till you get a whiff of my true power!" (Ally Space, using Bowser or Donkey Kong)
  • "Oooh, if it isn't Mario! You need my help, huh? Say it!" (Ally Space, using Mario)


  • "Gimme [#] coins and I'll let you pass!"
  • "I hate to do this to you, but I need [#] coins." (Using Bowser or Bowser Jr.)
  • "All right, I guess you can pass." (Pay)
  • "You're free to pass! Sorry for the holdup!" (Pay, using Bowser or Bowser Jr.)
  • "Hey! You don't have enough coins! Nothing gets by me, pal, including you!" (Not enough coins)


  • "Yoshiii! Yoshiii! (Let's go again!)" (selection screen)
  • "Yoshiii! (Let's go!)" (selection screen)
  • "Yoshiii! Yoshiii! (I'm ready to start!)" (selection screen)
  • "Yoshi! Yoshi! (I'm bored sitting around by myself!) Yoshi! Yoshi! (Hey, let's go to this thing together!)"
  • "Yoshi! Yoshi! (We got the Gems, but the party doesn't stop!) Yoshi! Yoshi! (Hey, let's go party together!)"
  • "Yoshi! Yoshi! (Thanks! Woo-hoo!)"
  • "Yoshi! Yoshi! (Yay! It's party time!)"
  • "Yoshi... (Awww... OK.)"
  • "Yoshi! Yoshi! (We'll win by working together!)" (Ally Space)
  • "Yoshi! Yoshi! (Let the Star hunt begin!)" (Ally Space)
  • "Yoshi! Yoshi! Yoshi! (It's Mario! I've gotta try extra hard!)" (Ally Space, using Mario)