End of the Road

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End of the Road
EndoftheRoad SMP.png
Game Super Mario Party
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End of the Road is the sixth and final world players start out in the Challenge Road mode of Super Mario Party. It is a nighttime city-themed world that contains a total of 17 minigame challenges.


Minigame Preview Challenge
Croozin' for a Broozin' Super Mario Party - Croozin' for a Broozin'.png Normal: Outrun the Broozers for 40 seconds!
Master: Outrun the Broozers for 50 seconds!
Can Take Pancake CanTakePancake SuperMarioParty.png Normal: Score at least 10 points!
Master: Score at least 15 points!
Wiped Out SMP Wiped Out.png Normal: Score at least 100 points!
Master: Score at least 110 points!
Lit Potato LitPotato SuperMarioParty.png Beat the rival teams!
Break point
Sign, Steal, Deliver SignStealDeliver.png Normal: Beat the rival team!
Master: Beat your rival!
Sizzling Stakes SizzlingStakes.png Normal: Cook every surface within 25 seconds without losing the cube!
Master: Cook every surface within 15 seconds without losing the cube!
Timing Is Money TimingIsMoney SuperMarioParty.png Normal: Snag at least 15 coins without blowing up!
Master: Snag at least 20 coins without blowing up!
Half the Battle HalftheBattle SuperMarioParty.png Win without touching an Amp!
Break point
Suit Yourselves Super Mario Party - Suit Yourselves.png Normal: Finish with no more than one miss!
Master: Finish with no misses!
Time to Shine Super Mario Party - Time to Shine.png Normal: Score at least 35 points!
Master: Score at least 40 points!
Penguin Pushers Super Mario Party - Penguin Pushers.png Normal: Finish within 50 seconds!
Master: Finish within 40 seconds!
Candy Shakedown Super Mario Party - Candy Shakedown.png Normal: Shake out all the candy within 20 seconds!
Master: Shake out all the candy within 15 seconds!
Break point
Making Faces Super Mario Party - Making Faces.png Normal: Get at least 80%!
Master: Get at least 90%!
Fuzzy Flight School SMP image10.png Normal: Get 1st place!
Master: Get 1st place without taking any hits!
All-Star Swingers All-Star Swingers.png Normal: Score at least 20 points!
Master: Score at least 25 points!
Sphere Mongers Super Mario Party - Sphere Mongers.png Normal: Score at least 30 points!
Master: Win without taking any gold spheres!
Train in Pain Super Mario Party - Train in Pain.png Beat the rival team!