Shell Street

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Shell Street
ShellStreet SMP.png
Game Super Mario Party
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Shell Street is the first world players start out in the Challenge Road mode of Super Mario Party. It is a city-themed world that contains a total of 10 minigame challenges.


Minigame Preview Challenge
Precision Gardening PrecisionGardening.png Normal: Water the flowers within 20 seconds!
Master: Water the flowers within 15 seconds!
Slaparazzi SMP image4.png Normal: Score at least 12 points!
Master: Score at least 15 points!
Strike It Rich Super Mario Party - Strike It Rich.png Normal: Score at least 45 points!
Master: Score at least 55 points!
Break point
Dash and Dine Dash and Dine.png Normal: Score at least 4 points!
Master: Score at least 5 points!
Social Climbers SocialClimbers SuperMarioParty.png Normal: Reach the top within 25 seconds!
Master: Reach the top within 20 seconds!
Sort of Fun SMP image9.png Normal: Score at least 8 points!
Master: Score at least 10 points!
Break point
Baton and On Baton and On.png Normal: Score at least 100 points!
Master: Score at least 110 points!
Dust Buddies DustBuddies.png Normal: Beat the rival team!
Master: Beat your rival!
Just for Kicks Super Mario Party - Just for Kicks.png Beat the rival team!
Trike Harder SMP image8.png Beat your rival!