Ghostly Hollow

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Ghostly Hollow
GhostlyHollow SMP.png
Game Super Mario Party
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Ghostly Hollow is the fourth world players start out in the Challenge Road mode of Super Mario Party. It is a haunted forest-themed world that contains a total of 15 minigame challenges.


Minigame Preview Challenge
Barreling Along BarrelingAlong.png Normal: Get 1st place without going through the water!
Master: Get 1st place without using a dash panel!
Drop Quiz Drop Quiz.png Normal: Beat your rival!
Master: Answer all the questions correctly!
Fruit Forecast FruitForecast SuperMarioParty.png Normal: Score at least 75 points!
Master: Score at least 85 points!
Lost in the Shuffle LostintheShuffle SuperMarioParty.png Get 1st place!
Break point
Bumper Brawl SMP image6.png Beat your rivals!
Fiddler on the Hoof Super Mario Party - Fiddler on the Hoof.png Normal: Score at least 130 points!
Master: Score at least 150 points!
Follow the Money Super Mario Party - Follow the Money.png Normal: Gather at least 20 coins without falling or getting hit!
Master: Gather at least 30 coins without falling or getting hit!
Fetch Quest FetchQuest SuperMarioParty.png Normal: Finish within 40 seconds!
Master: Finish within 30 seconds!
Dart Gallery DartGallery SuperMarioParty.png Normal: Beat the rival team!
Master: Win without getting hit!
Break point
Trip Navigator Super Mario Party - Trip Navigator.png Normal: Reach the goal first!
Master: Reach the goal first without slipping!
Tall Order TallOrder SuperMarioParty.png Normal: Make your sculpture at least 14 m tall!
Master: Make your sculpture at least 16 m tall!
Stake Your Claim Stake Your Claim.jpg Normal: Score at least 15 points!
Master: Score at least 20 points!
Miner Setbacks Super Mario Party - Miner Setbacks.png Normal: Reach the finish line within 35 seconds!
Master: Reach the finish line within 25 seconds!
Hammer and Sic 'Em SMP image7.png Beat the rival teams!
Don't Wake Wiggler! Super Mario Party - Don't Wake Wiggler! (Petting Wiggler).png Beat your rival!