Hammer and Sic 'Em

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Hammer and Sic 'Em
Super Mario Party
Appears in Super Mario Party
Type 2-vs.-2 minigame (Team)
Time limit 30 seconds
Music track Wham-Bam Hullabaloo

Hammer and Sic 'Em is a Team minigame appearing in Super Mario Party. Its name is a play on "hammer and sickle," commonly identified as the symbol of communism and the Soviet Union.


The minigame is set in a circular arena. Each team must pop the other's balloons by swinging their hammers onto the two opposing teammates with the balloons. Each team also comes with six additional teammates (including any encountered allies) that assist in popping the opposing balloons but themselves do not carry balloons. The first team to pop the other's balloons wins.


  • Control Stick – Move
  • Single Joy-Con Right Button – Strike

In-game text[edit]

  • Smash your rivals' balloons!
  • Make sure they don't pop your own balloon!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バルーンチャンバラ
Barūn chanbara
Balloon Chanbara
Chinese 气球击破赛 (Simplified)
氣球擊破賽 (Traditional)
Qìqiú Jīpò Sài
Balloon-Popping Match
Dutch Bekwame hamers Skilled hammers
French Crève-ballons Balloons popping
German Ballonhatz Balloon Hunt
Italian Rissa scoppiapalloni Balloon burst fight
Korean 벌룬 싸움
Beolrun Ssaum
Balloon Fight
Spanish Machacaglobos Balloon Crush