Look Sharp

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Look Sharp
LookSharp SuperMarioParty.png
Appears in Super Mario Party
Type 4-Player minigame
Time limit 30 seconds per round
Music track Think Carefully

Look Sharp is a 4-Player minigame in Super Mario Party. Its name is a pun on an idiom that means "to hurry."


Players appear in a white room. A red Toad stands on the platform while a magnifying glass appears in front of him. The player's task is to zoom the magnifier in or out so that the red Toad can be seen more sharply. The first player to do so is granted five points, the second to do so is granted three, and the third is granted one. The magnifier has to be zoomed into Spike for the second round and into a red Koopa Troopa for the third round. After the third round, the player with the most points wins.

On the Challenge Road, this is the ninth challenge of Mushroom Beach and the 30th challenge overall. The goal is 13 points for the normal challenge and 15 points for the Master Challenge.


The red Toad, Spike, and the red Koopa Troopa are on podiums, and they wave at the screen. The winning player performs their victory animation in front of them.


  • Joy-Con (L) / Joy-Con (R) (vertical) – Adjust magnifying glass

In-game text[edit]

  • Focus on the character!
  • Tilt Joy-Con (L) to adjust the magnifying glass.
  • When the character is fully focused, they'll wave to you.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ピントを合わせて
Pinto o awasete
Match the Focus
Chinese (Simplified) 对准焦点
Duìzhǔn Jiāodiǎn
Aim at the Focus
Chinese (Traditional) 對準焦點
Duìzhǔn Jiāodiǎn
Aim at the Focus
Dutch Onder de loep Under the magnifying glass. Pun on an expression meaning investigating something precise
French Mise au point Focusing
German Totaler Durchblick Total Perspective
Italian Messa a fuoco Focus
Korean 초점을 맞춰라
Chojeomeul matchwora
Match the Focus
Spanish Bajo la lupa Under the Magnifying Glass, pun on an expression meaning scrutinized or examined