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Puzzle Hustle
Appears in Super Mario Party
Type Toad's Rec Room minigame
Initial record 300.00 (first 15 stages)
600.00 (last 15 stages)

Puzzle Hustle is a co-op Toad's Rec Room minigame appearing in Super Mario Party.


One to four players must push and pull pieces of various 8-bit and 16-bit sprites together to complete the sprite. The more players there are, the quicker each puzzle can possibly be beaten.


  1. MarioSuper Mario Bros. sprite
  2. GoombaSuper Mario Bros. sprite
  3. YoshiSuper Mario Maker (Costume Mario) sprite
  4. Cheep CheepSuper Mario Bros. sprite
  5. ToadSuper Mario Maker (Costume Mario) sprite
  6. Chain ChompSuper Mario Maker (Super Mario Bros.-style) sprite
  7. DaisySuper Mario Maker (Costume Mario) sprite
  8. Shy GuySuper Mario Bros. 2 sprite
  9. PeachSuper Mario Maker (Costume Mario) sprite
  10. SpinySuper Mario Bros. sprite
  11. Diddy KongSuper Mario Maker (Costume Mario) sprite
  12. WaluigiSuper Mario Maker (Costume Mario) sprite
  13. RosalinaSuper Mario Maker (Costume Mario) sprite
  14. WarioSuper Mario Maker (Costume Mario) sprite
  15. Donkey KongSuper Mario Maker (Costume Mario) sprite
  16. LuigiSuper Mario World sprite
  17. BooSuper Mario World sprite
  18. Monty MoleSuper Mario World sprite
  19. BlooperSuper Mario Maker (Super Mario World-style) sprite
  20. Koopa TroopaSuper Mario World sprite
  21. Piranha PlantSuper Mario World sprite
  22. Hammer BroSuper Mario Maker (Super Mario World-style) sprite
  23. Dry BonesSuper Mario World sprite
  24. KamekSuper Mario World sprite
  25. Sumo BroSuper Mario World sprite
  26. Mario & Baby YoshiSuper Mario World sprite
  27. Chargin' ChuckSuper Mario World sprite
  28. Bowser Jr.Super Mario Maker (Super Mario World-style) sprite
  29. Cape MarioSuper Mario World sprite
  30. BowserSuper Mario Bros. sprite


  • Control Stick – Move
  • Hold Single Joy-Con Right Button + Control Stick – Push/Pull

In-game text[edit]

Assemble the Mario sprites!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ブロックパズル
Burokku Pazuru
Block Puzzle
Chinese 方块拼图 (Simplified)
方塊拼圖 (Traditional)
Fāngkuài Pīntú
Block Puzzle
Dutch Puzzelstrijd Puzzle Battle
French Puzzle en blocs Block puzzle
German Block-Puzzle -
Italian Blocchi puzzle Puzzle blocks
Spanish Puzles pixelados Pixelated Puzzles


  • This mode is heavily based on the Puzzle Blockade mode from Wii Party U, which was also developed by NDcube.