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Super Mario Party
SMP Boxart.png
Developer(s) Nd Cube[1]
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Release date Japan October 5, 2018[2]
USA October 5, 2018[3]
Europe October 5, 2018[4]
Australia October 5, 2018[5]
HK October 5, 2018[6]
ROC October 5, 2018[7]
Genre Party
ESRB:ESRB E.svg - Everyone
ACB:ACB G.svg - General
Mode(s) Single player
Local multiplayer up to 4 players
Online multiplayer (Minigames only)[3]
Nintendo Switch:
Media NS icon.png Cartridge
Media DL icon.svg Digital download
Nintendo Switch:

Super Mario Party is an upcoming game in the Mario Party series, set to be released for the Nintendo Switch on October 5, 2018. It will be the eleventh home console installment in the series. It is the first home-console Mario Party game to not be a numbered installment since the original Mario Party game.

Described by Nintendo as a "complete relaunch"[8] and "complete refresh"[3] of the Mario Party series when revealed at E3 2018, the game "goes back to the four-player basics as you take turns and race across the board searching for Stars"[3] as seen in the Mario Party installments prior to Mario Party 9, but also incorporates elements from the more contemporary Mario Party games, including the "ally" mechanics from Mario Party: Star Rush.[3] Additionally, the game takes advantage of Nintendo Switch hardware for its minigames, such as flicking the Joy-Con as if it was a frying pan handle. Players can even link multiple Nintendo Switch consoles together for a single, larger alteration of the display for the game. The game is the first installment in the Mario Party franchise to incorporate online play, though this feature is restricted only to minigames.


Super Mario Party reverts to the traditional way of playing Mario Party, where four players take turns to navigate around a linear board dictated by how much they have rolled through the Dice Block. When a character lands on a space, they receive effects dependent on what the space is. They can also spend coins to buy items from Flutter which can help them or hurt other players. The game borrows the ally mechanics from Mario Party: Star Rush where players can increase their team of characters by collecting party members who spawn throughout the board.

The game can be played with one Joy-Con. The game is also compatible with local wireless play.

Game modes

These are the game modes confirmed for Super Mario Party so far.

  • Party Mode: A traditional four-player battle royal where each player competes for the most Stars.
  • Partner Mode: Similar to party mode, except two players team up against one another. They can combine their dice rolls together, similarly to the team mechanics from Mario Party 7, but teammates can move independently, like in Mario Party 8.[9]
  • Toad's Rec Room: This mode takes advantage of the Nintendo Switch's local wireless features and the ability to create a multi-screen environment.
  • Online Mario-thon: The online mode of the game, where players compete in five randomly selected minigames for a high score. Online leaderboards and a ranking system with rewards are confirmed.

Confirmed characters





Confirmed boards

Confirmed items

Dice Blocks

  • The standard 1-6 Dice Block
  • Dice Blocks unique to each character that can be used any time they roll. They have the opportunity to increase their maximum number of rolls, affect their coin count, increase the chance of getting a number, or even cause them to get a 0.[11][12] The player can also use a teammate's Dice Block if they have one with them. The following has all of the so far confirmed numbers on each character's Dice Block. Wario, Waluigi, Goomba, Monty Mole, Bowser Jr., Diddy Kong, Dry Bones and Pom Pom do not have confirmed Dice Block numbers yet.
    • Mario's Dice Block has 1, 3, 3, 3, 5 and 6
    • Luigi's Dice Block has 1, 1, 1, 5, 6 and 7
    • Peach's Dice Block has 0, 2, 4, 4, 4 and 6
    • Daisy's Dice Block has 3, 3, 3, 3, 4 and 4
    • Yoshi's Dice Block has 0, 1, 3, 5, 5 and 7
    • Rosalina's Dice Block has +2 coins, +2 coins, 2, 3, 4 and 8
    • Shy Guy's Dice Block has 0, 4, 4, 4, 4 and 4
    • Koopa Troopa's Dice Block has 1, 1, 2, 3, 3 and 10
    • Bowser's Dice Block has -3 coins, -3 coins, 1, 8, 9 and 10
    • Boo's Dice Block has -2 coins, -2 coins, 5, 5, 7 and 7
    • Hammer Bro.'s Dice Block has +3 coins, 1, 1, 1, 5 and 5
    • Donkey Kong's Dice Block has +5 coins, 0, 0, 0, 10 and 10


Board items


  • Start Space - A blank green space where every player starts on the board.
  • Plus Space - Grants three coins to players that land on it.
  • Minus Space - Takes three coins from players that land on it.
  • Event Space ("Landing here could set off a terrifying trap. Or not, but do you really want to risk it?") - A green space with an exclamation mark.
  • VS Space ("Everyone antes coins before facing off in a VS minigame!") - An orange diamond with the word "VS" on it.
  • Ally Space ("Call one new ally to join you!") - A green space with a friend icon on it.
  • Item Space ("Pick up helpful items. It never hurts to land here!") - A green space with a mushroom on it.
  • Lucky Space - A green space with a clover on it where the player can win items or coins.
  • Bad Luck Space ("Depending on where the wheel stops, you could lose items or coins.") - A red jagged space with an exclamation and question mark.

Confirmed minigames

The game is confirmed to have 80 new minigames.[10][11][12]

Free-for-all minigames

  • Trike Harder, a tricycle racing minigame
  • Slaparazzi, a minigame similar to Flash Forward
  • Sizzling Stakes, a minigame in which players cook a meat cube
  • Snack Attack, a minigame in which players must catch giant falling popcorns with their buckets while avoiding boulders
  • Precision Gardening
  • Gridiron Gauntlet, a minigame in which players avoid Chargin' Chucks
  • Candy Shakedown, a minigame involving a candy jar
  • Fuzzy Flight School, a minigame in which players dodge Fuzzies in their airships
  • Croozin' for a Broozin', a minigame in which players go as far as they can while being chased by a swarm of Broozers
  • Fish Food, a minigame in which players throw balls into a Cheep Chomp goal
  • Stake Your Claim
  • Rumble Fishing, a minigame in which players fish from Lakitu's Clouds
  • Sphere Mongers
  • Soak or Croak
  • Dash and Dine
  • Senseless Census[15]
  • A top-down minigame in which players shoot each other from shell tanks inspired by Shell Shocked and Tanks a Lot (played using two Nintendo Switch consoles)[12]
  • A minigame in which encapsulated characters attempt to knock each other out of the ring
  • A minigame in which players work together to catch Cheep Cheeps
  • A racing minigame in which players ride on barrels
  • A horse racing minigame
  • A minigame in which players skewer fruits
  • A minigame in which players grab pancakes
  • A minigame in which players pick playing cards
  • A minigame involving baby penguins
  • A minigame in which players work together to dunk sport balls into bins
  • A minigame in which players ride UFOs to use a magnet to catch metallic balls
  • A minigame involving guessing the enemy behind a door
  • A minigame similar to Dinger Derby
  • A platforming minigame in which players avoid Walleyes and Bullet Bills
  • A minigame in which characters hold wands
  • A minigame similar to Bumper Balloon Cars
  • A minigame similar to Don't Look, involving the card suit symbols

2-vs-2 minigames

  • Making Faces, a minigame similar to Picture Match
  • Maths of Glory
  • Tall Order, a minigame in which players shave ice to create a sculpture
  • Fruit Forecast, a minigame in which players catch falling fruit[14]
  • Pull It Together, a tug-of-war minigame
  • Hammer and Sic 'Em, a minigame in which players use a hammer to pop each other's balloons, if there are no allies with the players, each team has 6 other teammates on their team.
  • It's the Pits, a minigame in which a certain part of the roulette opens, dropping characters into an abyss
  • Pie Hard
  • Nut Cases[14]
  • A baseball minigame in which the pair of batters attempt to score more points than the pair of outfielders (played using two Nintendo Switch consoles)
  • A minigame in which players wrap a rope around pegs to match a pattern
  • A minigame in which both sides throw pies at each other
  • A minigame in which players use a cannon to shoot down the opposing team's puzzle-piece castle
  • A minigame in which pairs ride on a cloud and spew cloud trails into a basket
  • A puzzle minigame involving fruits

1-vs-3 minigames

  • Smash and Crab, a minigame in which the three players control a mechanical crab robot to smash the solo player with hammers
  • Off the Chain, a minigame in which one player rides a Chain Chomp and tries to knock into the other players
  • Dust Buddies, a minigame in which players vacuum a dusty room
  • Sign, Steal, Deliver, a minigame in which players place packages given to them by Toads onto a truck
  • Block and Load
  • Dart Gallery
  • A minigame in which players use badminton rackets to hit falling bombs
  • A minigame in which the three players throw dumbbells at the solo player on a roulette board



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