Capsule Ticket

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Capsule Ticket
The Capsule Ticket in Super Mario Party
Used to obtain a ticket from the capsule machine.
First appearance Super Mario Party (2018)

A Capsule Ticket is a special item in Super Mario Party that appears on Tantalizing Tower Toys in the Partner Party mode.


A team can get a Capsule Ticket as a bonus after buying an item in the shop. The ticket can be used by landing on the Event Spaces in front of the capsule machine. The capsules can contain different prizes:

  • Top prize: 2 Stars
  • Second prize: 1 Star
  • Third prize: 30 coins
  • Fourth prize: 3 coins

Nothing will happen if the player does not have a Capsule Ticket. Additionally, if the players have more than one Capsule Ticket, they will only use one of them. The prizes are independent of the color of the capsules.