Kamek's Curse

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Kamek's Curse
Game Super Mario Party
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Kamek's Curse is one of the fifth routes players can travel in the River Survival mode of Super Mario Party.


The route starts with Kamek appearing in front of the players. After a slight waterfall, Kamek will produce some rocks and a Dash Panel, followed by three Dash Panel ramps, the right of which contains the first Minigame Balloon. During a slight left waterfall, Kamek will use his magic to remove some large rocks, then wait until the players have crossed a few smaller rocks before sending out a trio of Cheep Cheeps. After another slight left turn, Kamek will remove more large rocks amidst two pairs of notes. After a slight right waterfall with the 4,500-meter mark, Kamek will turn some smaller rocks into Cheep Cheeps amidst three more notes, which cause the second Minigame Balloon to appear. A slight left waterfall follows, and Kamek will then switch around an assortment of Dash Panels and + Clocks as the players reach the goal.