Chestnut Forest

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Chestnut Forest
ChestnutForest SMP.png
Game Super Mario Party
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Chestnut Forest is the second world players start out in the Challenge Road mode of Super Mario Party. It is a forest-themed world that contains a total of 11 minigame challenges.


Minigame Preview Challenge
Nut Cases NutCases SuperMarioParty.png Normal: Score at least 15 points!
Master: Score at least 20 points!
Rhythm and Bruise Super Mario Party - Rhythm and Bruise.png Normal: Score at least 40 points!
Master: Score at least 45 points!
Juice Box Super Mario Party - Juice Box.png Normal: Beat the rival team!
Master: Win every round!
Fireplace Race FireplaceRace SuperMarioParty.png Normal: Finish within 25 seconds!
Master: Finish within 20 seconds!
Break point
Senseless Census Super Mario Party - Senseless Census.png Normal: Get 1st place!
Master: Get an exact count!
Lightning Round Super Mario Party - Lightning Round.png Normal: Grab at least 15 coins without getting hit!
Master: Grab at least 20 coins without getting hit!
It's the Pits Super Mario Party - It's the Pits.png Normal: Beat or tie the rival teams!
Master: Stay in it to the end!
Break point
Bopping Spree BoppingSpree.png Normal: Beat the rival team!
Master: Beat your rival!
Absent Minded Super Mario Party - Characters.jpg Normal: Score at least 10 points!
Master: Score at least 13 points!
Drop Shot DropShot SuperMarioParty.png Normal: Don't get hit!
Master: Beat your rivals!
Snack Attack Super Mario Party - Snack Attack.png Beat your rival!