It's the Pits

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It's the Pits
It's the Pits minigame from Super Mario Party
Appears in Super Mario Party
Type Team minigame
Music track Building Excitement

It's the Pits is a Team minigame appearing in Super Mario Party. Its name comes from an expression that refers to when something is very bad or unpleasant.


The players are in a circular arena with a central circular display they cannot stand on. In each of the first two rounds, one quadrant of the arena is lit red, and the lights spin around the central display. At any random moment, a five-second countdown begins in the center. When the time expires, every character as well as the red danger panel stop moving. Whoever is standing in the quadrant lit red falls through trapdoors and is eliminated. In the third round, two quadrants are lit red instead of one, and these may be directly adjacent or vertically opposite. The rules from the first two rounds still apply. The winning team is the one with more members that outlast all three rounds; more than one member may win. The minigame can end early if one team loses all of its members before the final round, in which case the minigame ends instantly, but if all members fall through trapdoors or both teams have the same number of members who survived, the minigame ends in a tie.

On the Challenge Road, this is the seventh challenge of Chestnut Forest and the 17th challenge overall. There are four teams, each team with one main player and two allies. For the normal challenge, the goal is to beat or tie with the other teams, and the player has two allies. For the Master Challenge, the player has no allies, and, as a result, must stay in the minigame until the end.


  • Control Stick – Move

In-game text[edit]

  • Don't get caught when the floor gives way!
  • Watch the red danger panel, and don't be on it when it reaches 0!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 落とし穴ルーレット
Otoshi-ana rūretto
Pitfall Roulette
Chinese 陷阱轮盘 (Simplified)
陷阱輪盤 (Traditional)
Xiànjǐng Lúnpán
Trap Roulette
Dutch Linke lift Dangerous lift
French Nettoyage par le vide Vacuum cleaning
German Runterfall-Roulette Fall Down Roulette
Italian Roulette trabocchetto Trap door roulette
Korean 함정 룰렛
Hamjeong rullet
Trap Roulette
Spanish Pista maligna Malicious Track