Rhythm and Bruise

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Rhythm and Bruise
Rhythm and Bruise minigame from Super Mario Party
Appears in Super Mario Party
Type Rhythm minigame
Music track Rhythm and Bruise

Rhythm and Bruise is a Rhythm minigame in Super Mario Party. Its name is a play on "rhythm and blues."


Players have to hit moles that resemble Monty Moles to the beat of a country-themed song. Hitting a mole early or late earns the player one point, while hitting it at the right time (indicated by "Nice!") earns the player three points. Whoever earns the most points wins.

The perfect score is 51 on Normal difficulty and 69 on Hard difficulty.

On the Challenge Road, this is the second challenge of Chestnut Forest and the 12th challenge overall. The Normal difficulty is used, and the goal is 40 points for the normal challenge and 45 points for the Master Challenge.

In-game text[edit]

Sound Stage[edit]

  • Slam the moles!


  • Slam the moles to the rhythm!
  • Strike when the light reaches you!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ピコピコモグラたたき
Pikopiko mogura tataki
Beep Beep Whack-a-Mole
Chinese 敲敲打打土拨鼠 (Simplified)
敲敲打打土撥鼠 (Traditional)
Qiāoqiāo Dǎdǎ Tǔbōshǔ
Hit and Whack the Moles
Dutch Mollen in de maat Moles to the rhythm or Wreck to the rhythm
French Tape, tape, Topi Taupe Hit, hit, Monty Mole
German Akkordhämmern Chord Hammers
Italian Battitalpa Mole Batter
Korean 뿅뿅 두더지 잡기
Ppyongppyong dudeoji japgi
Beep Beep Whack-a-mole
Spanish (NOA) Al ritmo del mazazo To the beat of the blow
Spanish (NOE) Ritmo machacón Insistent Rhythm, pun on machacar (to crush)


Monty Mole Sweating
Monty Mole Scared
Monty Mole sweating (left) and his scared expression (right)
  • Monty Mole is unique among the playable characters in this minigame, appearing distressed in contrast with the other characters' focused expressions. Whenever he hits, he looks to the side, as if in fear.