Fuzzy Flight School

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Fuzzy Flight School
Super Mario Party
Appears in Super Mario Party
Type 4-Player minigame
Music track Over in a Flash

Fuzzy Flight School is a 4-Player minigame appearing in Super Mario Party.


The minigame is set in a tunnel. Players must continuously dodge groups of Fuzzies by tilting their Joy-Con to move their planes. Each player can withstand only two hits; they are eliminated once they hit a third Fuzzy. The last room may have a Big Fuzzy. The last player standing wins. However, if 30 seconds have passed, every player still standing wins, regardless of the number of their lives remaining.

On the Challenge Road, this is the 14th minigame played at End of the Road and the 77th challenge overall. In the normal challenge, the player must get first place. In the Master Challenge, the player must win without getting hit.

Additionally, this is one of the 10 minigames in Online Mariothon. In this mode, the minigame is extended to up to 90 seconds, with a short break after 60 seconds. The minigame ends when all players have been eliminated or after 90 seconds have passed, whichever happens first. Players' scores are based on how long they have survived, and they can earn a maximum of 1,000 points if they have survived for the whole 90 seconds.


  • Joy-Con (L) / Joy-Con (R) (horizontal) – Move

In-game text[edit]

  • Dodge the Fuzzies!
  • Hit three Fuzzies and you're out!

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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese チョロボンをよけろ!
Chorobon o yokero!
Avoid the Fuzzies!

Chinese (simplified) 避开刺毛怪!
Bìkāi Cìmáoguài!
Avoid the Fuzzies!

Chinese (traditional) 避開刺毛怪!
Bìkāi Cìmáoguài!
Avoid the Fuzzies!

Dutch Vliegende Fuzzy's
Flying Fuzzies
French Virevoltes aériennes
Aerial Twirls
German Verflixte Fuzzys
Wretched Fuzzies
Italian Stormi di Stordini
Fuzzy Raid
Korean 곰실이를 피해라!
Gomsirireul pihaera!
Avoid the Fuzzies!

Spanish Peligro en el túnel
Danger in the Tunnel