Penguin Pushers

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Not to be confused with Pushy Penguins.
Penguin Pushers
Penguin Pushers from Super Mario Party
Appears in Super Mario Party
Type Co-op minigame
Time limit 60 seconds
Music track Iced Out

Penguin Pushers is a Co-op minigame appearing in Super Mario Party.


The mother penguin exits an igloo and waits outside the baby penguin corral. The camera then pans to show the players and baby penguins. The minigame then begins.


The minigame is set in a tundra. Each player must work together to corral baby penguins to their mother at the bottom center of the arena by tricking them into running through the crack in said corner. Chasing a penguin causes it to waddle away from the player. The minigame ends once all penguins are corralled or if time runs out, the latter resulting in a C-Rank.

Rank requirements[edit]

  • 45 seconds or less for S
  • 55 seconds or less for A
  • 60 seconds or less for B


  • Control Stick – Move

In-game text[edit]

  • "Corral the penguins and push them to the pen!"
  • "The baby penguins will waddle away from you if you chase them."
  • Tips: "It's easier to herd more penguins out if one person stands by the exit!"

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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 追いこめ!子ペンギン
Oikome! Ko pengin
Herd 'em! Little Penguins
Chinese 赶进去!小企鹅 (Simplified)
趕進去!小企鵝 (Traditional)
Gǎn Jìnqù! Xiǎo Qǐ'é
Herd 'em! Little Penguins
Dutch Pinguïnherders Penguin Herders
French Basse-cour sur glace Backyard on ice
German Pinguinhirten Penguin Herders
Italian Rincorri i Baby Pinguotti Run after the Baby Penguins
Korean 아기 펭귄을 몰아라!
Agi pengwineul morara!
Corner the Baby Penguins!
Spanish (NOA) Pingüinos escurridizos Elusive penguins
Spanish (NOE) Pingüinos al redil Penguins to the Pen