Time to Shine

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Time to Shine
Time to Shine from Super Mario Party.
Appears in Super Mario Party
Type Rhythm minigame (free-for-all)
Music track Time to Shine

Time to Shine is a free-for-all Rhythm minigame appearing in Super Mario Party.


The players are in a disco light room with a character on the stage, the default being Waluigi. If he is a participant, he is replaced by Luigi, Peach, Daisy, or Rosalina, with each character being replaced by the next in the list if the former is also a participant. This is the only minigame in which playable characters appear in non-playable roles, as well as the only one to have a playable character integral to it since Waluigi is always present as either the host or a contestant.

The players must shake the Joy-Con with the right timing (indicated by the light underneath all characters and a whistling noise; if there is no light underneath a player when it is the player's turn, the player does not have to strike a pose). Players score one point if they get the timing too late or too early, but they can score three points if their timing is deemed "Nice!" and the player's character's image is lit in the background. Whoever earns the most points wins.

The perfect score is 45 on Normal difficulty and 60 on Hard difficulty.


  • Hold Joy-Con (L) and match the pose shown

In-game text[edit]

  • "Match poses to the rhythm!"
  • "Don't forget to match your final string of poses to the beat!"
  • Tips: "Pose with the same movement and timing as the model!"

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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ポージングヒーロー
Pōjingu Hīrō
Posing Hero

Chinese (simplified) 姿势英雄
Zīshi Yīngxióng
Pose Hero

Chinese (traditional) 姿勢英雄
Zīshi Yīngxióng
Pose Hero

Dutch Waluigi's disco
French (NOA) Disco synchro
French (NOE) Disco sincro
German Timing per Trillerfeife
Whistle Timing
Italian Coreografie di gruppo
Group choreography
Korean 포즈 히어로
Pojeu Hieoro
Pose Hero

Spanish Escuela de baile
Dance School