Don't Wake Wiggler!

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Don't Wake Wiggler!
Mario pets Wiggler in Don't Wake Wiggler! from Super Mario Party
Appears in Super Mario Party
Type 4-Player minigame
Music track Don't Wake Wiggler
You Woke Wiggler!

Don't Wake Wiggler! is a 4-Player minigame appearing in Super Mario Party. The name and gameplay are a reference to the children's board game Don't Wake Daddy.


All four characters slowly approach a sleeping Wiggler. They turn to face the screen, as a floating arrow randomly selects one character to go first.


In an order from left to right where the first player is randomly set, players take turns petting the sleeping Wiggler. Each player is given five seconds per turn, during which they can pet the Wiggler several times for points. For each player, the timer does not start until they pet the Wiggler at least once. The Wiggler can be agitated in two ways: when it opens one eye, and when it jerks and has a pulsing nerve (the player character also sighs in relief). The more agitated it is, the more likely it will wake up, as indicated by the Zs' shaking and turning purple. Eventually, the Wiggler abruptly wakes up in anger; the player who wakes the Wiggler has their score reset to zero, and the game ends. The player(s) with the most points at the end of the game win(s). It takes at least 25 points (added among all players) for the Wiggler to wake up.

If a player does nothing while the Wiggler is still sleeping, it will eventually wake up after a certain amount of time passes and that player will automatically lose.[1]

On Challenge Road, this minigame is the last challenge of Ghostly Hollow. There are only two players competing, and the objective is for the player to beat their rival.


Winners perform their winning animations, while the Wiggler angrily pursues losers in the background. If nobody has any points and a player wakes the Wiggler just by waiting, only that player will be pursued and everyone else will win.


  • Wave Joy-Con – Pet

In-game text[edit]

  • "Pet Wiggler without waking it!"
  • "Petting Wiggler earns you points but you'll lose it[sic] all if you wake it up!"
  • Tip: "Whoever wakes Wiggler gets 0 points."


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese おこさないでハナチャン
Okosanaide hanachan
Don't Wake Wiggler

Chinese (simplified) 别吵醒花毛毛
Bié Chǎoxǐng Huā Máomáo
Don't Wake Wiggler

Chinese (traditional) 別吵醒花毛毛
Bié Chǎoxǐng Huā Máomáo
Don't Wake Wiggler

Dutch Slaap lekker, Wiggler!
Sleep well, Wiggler!
French Tout doux, tout doux
Softly, softly
German Zärtlich währt am längsten
Tender is the best policy
Italian Carezze al Torcibruco
Caressing Wiggler
Korean 꽃충이를 깨우지 말 것
Kkotchung-ireul kkaeuji mal geot
Don't Wake Wiggler

Spanish Dulces sueños
Sweet Dreams


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