Root Awakening

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Root Awakening
“Gather all your favorite folks to play this game! Pick fruits and flowers tangled up in the roots, but beware! One of them is attached to the mandrake! If the mandrake wakes up and screams, you'll get more than a headache...”
In-game description, WarioWare Gold

Root Awakening is a secret minigame in WarioWare Gold in the game's Toy Room. Its name is a pun on "rude awakening". In it, 2 to 4 players must take turns picking objects from the mandrake of varying value: leaves are worth 30 points and have a danger level of "mild", flowers are worth 50 points and have a danger level of "medium", and golden-colored apples are worth 100 points and have a danger level of "high". If a player picks an object that causes the mandrake to scream, they instantly lose 500 points and the game ends, with the winner being the player(s) with the most points.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese あぶない☆マンドラゴラ
Italian Radice di mandragora Mandrake root
Spanish (NOA) Mandrágora Mandrake