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“Listen up! Hey! Hey, you people ready for THE... MOST... DELUXE tournament ever? Let the Wario Bowl games begin! [crowd stays silent] Hey! You guys hear me? START CHEERING NOW!”
Wario, WarioWare Gold
The Wario Bowl trophy

The Wario Bowl is a tournament hosted by Wario in WarioWare Gold. The tournament is hosted in Diamond City Stadium and consists of four leagues, four types of controls, eight genres, and a total of 18 stages. The Wario Bowl requires an entrance fee of 10,000 coins and promises a grand prize of 10 million coins.


Shortly after Wario steals the Pot of Luxeville from Luxeville, he comes to the realization that he is completely broke, and realizes that he needs to make some quick cash. Soon, he sees a news reporter, Ben, announcing a game called Super Pyoro being a big success. This gives Wario a new idea for a "get-rich-quick" scheme, and he uses his laptop to broadcast to all of Diamond City. He announces that he is hosting the greatest video-game tournament of all time, and claims that although the fee for entering is 10,000 coins, the grand prize is 10 million coins. Wario then calls up his friends, persuading them to make the games for him.

Shortly after, Wario arrives at the Diamond City Stadium, which is full of cheering participants. Wario declares that the tournament has started and explains the rules, which involve three leagues: a Mash League, a Twist League, and a Touch League. After all three leagues have been mastered, the player will have to face against Wario himself. Throughout the tournament, Wario relaxes, unaware that Lulu is plotting revenge on him in the meantime.

During a later cutscene, Wario is shown just waking up, feeling confident that many people have already given up. Shocked and enraged that eight levels have already been cleared, he falls asleep again. After all three leagues have been conquered, Wario taunts the player and bungee jumps off his balcony as a publicity stunt, announcing that another league, which he calls the Ultra League, must be completed before he can be battled.

Upon clearing the Ultra League, Wario refuses to hand over the money, and affixes the Pot of Luxeville to his head, which turns him into Wario Deluxe. Standing on a platform attached to balloons, he floats into the air, beginning his fight with the player. Halfway through, Lulu helps the player by attempting to pull the pot off his head, which prevents him from releasing anymore distractions.

After all of his microgames have been completed, Wario Deluxe falls and demands to know how the girl is. She responds that she is Lulu, who had come from Luxeville to take back the pot that he had stolen from them. Using her Hydrocannon LX, she knocks the pot off his head, turning him back into Wario. She then reveals that the pot is actually a toilet which had been put out to dry shortly before it had been stolen. Wario, not caring anymore, simply tells her to take it and leave.

Wario starts the end credits and tells the player to leave, but is interrupted by everyone he had asked to make games for him. They demand that they receive their pay, to which Wario considers but then refuses, attempting to run away. He trips and drops the suitcase, which reveals a few coins. They chide him for trying to steal, but quickly realize that they are short on pay. Although a prize of 10 million coins was promised, Wario spent most of it on balloons and the rest was split evenly among everyone else, leaving the player with only 10,000 coins. This ends both the Wario Bowl and the game.

Tournament Rules[edit]

Tournament Fee[edit]

An entrance fee of 10,000 coins is required before any of the leagues can be started.


The Wario Bowl is made up of four different leagues, each with unique sets of microgames and different control features.

  • Mash League: features microgames from Wario, Jimmy T., Mona, Dribble and Spitz, and 5-Volt. The player must use +Control Pad, A Button, or both to complete the microgames.
  • Twist League: features microgames from Wario, Ashley and Red, Dr. Crygor, 18-Volt, and Penny. The player must tilt the Nintendo 3DS and sometimes press A Button to complete the microgames.
  • Touch League: features microgames from Wario, Kat and Ana, 9-Volt, Young Cricket and Master Mantis, and Orbulon. The player must use a stylus to tap or slide across the touch screen to complete the microgames.
  • Ultra League: features microgames of all genre and control types which are played alongside one another. Mike and Fronk introduce their own sets of microgames, which belong to the Mic and Pop-Up genres, respectively. Wario Deluxe is also fought in the Ultra League, with the genre Anything Goes. His stage features microgames from his intro games, along with many new ones.


There are a total of eight genres in the Wario Bowl, three of which are not introduced until the Ultra League is unlocked.

  • Intro Games: the genre for all of Wario's microgames. All microgames in this genre are an introduction to the Mash, Touch, and Twist Leagues.
  • Sports: the genre for Jimmy T.'s, Dr. Crygor's, and Young Cricket and Master Mantis's microgames. All microgames in this genre involve sports.
  • That's Life: the genre for Mona's, Penny's, and Kat and Ana's microgames. All microgames in this genre involve daily activities.
  • Fantasy: the genre for Dribble and Spitz's, Ashley and Red's, and Orbulon's microgames. All microgames in this genre involves elements of fantasy or science fiction.
  • Nintendo: the genre for 5-Volt's, 18-Volt's, and 9-Volt's microgames. All microgames in this genre involve products and games created by Nintendo.
  • Mic: the genre for Mike's microgames. All microgames in this genre involve the use of the Mic.
  • Pop-Up: the genre for Fronk's microgames. All micogames in this genre have much less time given to be completed.
  • Anything Goes: the genre for Wario Deluxe's microgames. Microgames in this genre do not appear to be related to one another.