Crystal Park

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Crystal Park
Lulu at Crystal Park
First appearance WarioWare Gold (2018)

Crystal Park is a recurring location in WarioWare Gold. It is the setting for all of Lulu's cutscenes.

In the first cutscene, Lulu is shown complaining about Wario. She then uses her water pistol, the Hydrocannon LX, on a target resembling Wario, causing the target to fall over and a rainbow to appear, much to Lulu's delight.

In her second cutscene, Lulu is sitting on a bench surrounded by food, planning to load up on carbohydrates before facing against Wario. Suddenly, she sees Ruffington and offers him some of the food. They are both shown sleeping later on, likely drowsy from consuming a large amount of food.

In the third and final cutscene, it is around sunset, and Lulu is still sleeping, fantasizing about being a warrior. She then wakes up, and realizes what time it is. Refusing to let Wario get away, she quickly runs away, but not before saying goodbye to Ruffington.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クリスタルパーク
Kurisutaru Pāku
Crystal Park

French Parc Cristal
Crystal Park
Italian Parco Cristallo
Crystal Park
Spanish Parque Cristal
Crystal Park