Little Hammy

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Little Hammy
Orbulon ready to burger these hams in WarioWare Gold
Orbulon carrying a stack of Little Hammies
First appearance WarioWare Gold (2018)

Little Hammies (spelled in lowercase in the in-game subtitles as little hammies) are a species of pigs that appear in WarioWare Gold. Orbulon refers to them as "hams". They originally lived on a farm outside of Diamond City, and they eat herbs.


In Orbulon's story, Orbulon orders ten Megaburgers at Gigantaburger, but Danny tells him that they are sold out of Megaburgers. Orbulon says that he will find the Little Hammies needed to make the Megaburgers and teleports away. During Orbulon's set of microgames, the microgames are represented by a Little Hammy who runs under Orbulon. Once a microgame is beaten, Orbulon abducts the Little Hammy, bringing it inside his Oinker. After Orbulon's set of microgames is completed, he carries the Little Hammies he collected to Gigantaburger, where Danny tells him that he cannot cook the Little Hammies. Orbulon teleports away with the Little Hammies, but leaves one behind at Gigantaburger.

In the game's ending credits, Orbulon is seen holding a Little Hammy in front of an image of Gigantaburger.


WarioWare Gold character cards[edit]

  • Rank CThese pigs live on a farm outside of Diamond City. They love to nibble on all sorts of herbs. Tasty, tasty!
  • Rank BThe owners of the farm these pigs call home are a nice couple. They try to make the farm a happy place.
  • Rank AThese pigs love to go into the woods to sniff for yummy mushrooms. Their snouts deserve a shout-out!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ぶたサン
Mr. Pig
French Ti-cochon Clipping of "Petit cochon" (Little pig)
German Speckchen From "speck" (bacon) and the diminutive suffix "-chen"
Italian Porcellus Pig-ellus
Spanish (NOA) Chanchito Pig
Spanish (NOE) Gorrino Piglet