Dark Lord Hum Gree

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Dark Lord Hum Gree
Artwork of Hum Gree for WarioWare Gold
Hum Gree in WarioWare Gold
Species Demon
First appearance WarioWare Gold (2018)
“Hum Gree can eat and eat and eat, but it's never enough! Something inside him always wants more!”
Red, WarioWare Gold

Dark Lord Hum Gree (sometimes referred to as simply Hum Gree) is a character who appears in Ashley's story in WarioWare Gold. His name is a pun on "hungry".

This character is mentioned by Gahrumble, a demon that Ashley summons, and according to Red, he says that Hum Gree is a famous demon who is known for eating obsessively and cannot stop, thus causing the demon residents to starve. Ashley decides to take him on to save the demon realms.

After the player completes Ashley's microgames, Hum Gree becomes nice and is only craving "a big ol' hug".


The character Dark Lord Hum Gree from WarioWare Gold.
Dark Lord Hum Gree
Hum Gree after his defeat

Hum Gree wears a black robe and has a blue face with two orange horns on his head, as well as red eyes, six arms, and a crown. He also has a huge mouth with a green tongue, and his true face on his uvula.

By the end of the story, his appearance changes a lot. He now has a white robe, pink hair, blush, spiraling, ram-like horns, and light skin.


WarioWare Gold character cards[edit]

  • Rank CAlways hungry. Always hungry. Always hungry. But he often thinks he wasn't always this single-minded.
  • Rank BHe's simply never satisfied, no matter how much he eats. It seems that he was consumed once—by darkness.
  • Rank ADark Lord Hum Gree deeply desires to be defeated so he can revert back to whoever he was before all this.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese まおうハラ・ペーコ
Maō Hara Pēko
From「魔王」(maō, demon king) and elongation of「腹ペコ」(harapeko, hungry)
French Mord Effain Pun on "mort de faim" (starving)
German Comté A. Petit From "comté" (French for count) and a pun on "appetit" (appetite)
Italian Conte Vorax Count Devour-ax
Spanish (NOA) Conde Voralotó From "conde" (count) and a partial pun on "devora lo todo" (devours everything)
Spanish (NOE) Marqués de Lagusa Marquis of Thehunger