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Not to be confused with Foiled Again!
“A pure Japanese-style sword action game! Swing your sword, and slash the falling objects. Focus and skillful swordsmanship are key to a high score. Try not to hit any bombs.”
In-game description, WarioWare Gold
Foiled WarioWareGold.png

Foiled! is a souvenir featured in WarioWare Gold. It is a minigame which can be unlocked in the game's Toy Room. The game is an extended version of the microgame Foiled Again!, as the player must tilt the Nintendo 3DS left and right to slice incoming objects, such as leaves and tomatoes. Bombs, however, must be avoided. Additionally, the background that appears is the same as the one in the microgame. Unlike Foiled Again!, Foiled! will not end until the player cuts a bomb or lets anything less fall to the ground, which will result in a "Game Over".

After a few waves of falling objects, a giant log will appear out of nowhere. The player must slice this log several times without letting it fall to the ground. Once it is completely carved, a bear statue will be revealed.

The player earns 1 point for each leaf sliced and 1 point for each tomato sliced, but can earn more points by slicing multiple objects in one swing. The sword will become sharper the quicker the player tilts the 3DS.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese しなりつづけるカタナ
Shinari Tsuzukeru Katana
Keep-bending Blade

Italian Fioretto!
Spanish (NOA) Más florituras
More Flourishes