Orbulon Voice Changer

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“This odd contraption can make you sound just like Orbulon. It's one of Dr. Crygor's most-prized, and least-used, inventions.”
In-game description, WarioWare Gold

The Orbulon Voice Changer is an available souvenir in WarioWare Gold. When using this collectible, the player may speak into an Orbulon-resembling voice transmitter, which will alter the voice to become much more warped, making the player sound more like Orbulon. The Orbulon Voice Changer can pick up certain sounds as well as voices.

Each time the Orbulon Voice Changer picks up a sound, the antennae on top of it will move up and down. Depending on how loud the noises are, the antannea might pop balloons or launch stars which appear on the top screen.