Staff Credits (souvenir)

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“The names of the people who created this fine game on quality 2-ply. If it's scrolling too slow, roll it out as fast as you'd like!”
In-game description, WarioWare Gold

The Staff Credits are a souvenir which can be unlocked in the Toy Room in WarioWare Gold. They list the names of the staff of WarioWare Gold on a roll of toilet paper quite similar to the one in Kat and Ana's microgame, Clog It.

The player can also use a stylus to control the speed at which the toilet paper is rolling; this includes speeding it up, slowing it down, or making it stop altogether. All of these will also affect the music that is playing.

After the toilet paper runs out, a small hamster is shown running on the empty roll on the top screen (similar to the one in the microgame), with a message saying "Thanks for playing!" The toilet paper is also revealed to have been provided by Luxeville. A copyright status will appear on the bottom screen. The sound of a toilet flushing will be played as well.