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Luxeville in the prologue of WarioWare Gold during daytime.
First appearance WarioWare Gold (2018)
Ruler Pops
Inhabitants Humans

Luxeville is a major location in WarioWare Gold. It is a small village which appears as a setting for both the prologue and epilogue of the game. Luxeville is home to known inhabitants such as Lulu, its self-proclaimed hero, and Pops, its mayor. Its most noteworthy artifact was an antique chamber pot known as the Pot of Luxeville, which was stolen by Wario and later returned by Lulu.

Luxeville at night

Luxeville is first seen during night in the prologue of WarioWare Gold. Wario is seen sneaking into a nearby hut where the Pot of Luxeville is being held. He swipes it, proclaiming that it is golden, though a bit heavy. He then drives it back to his house on his bike, where he comes to the realization that he is broke, but decides that the vase will be a nice decoration.

Luxeville is not seen again until the epilogue of WarioWare Gold, where it is now daytime. Lulu has returned via balloon with both the Pot of Luxeville and Ruffington. She announces her return, when the village elder, Pops, informs her that they have replaced the chamber pot with a more modern, refreshing toilet, causing Lulu and Ruffington to pass out from shock.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ラックスむら
Chinese (Simplified) 兰克斯村
Lánkèsī Cūn
Transliteration of its Japanese name
Italian Luxeville -
Spanish (NOE) Luxeville
Villaplácida (WarioWare: Get It Together!)