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This article is about the minigame in Game & Wario. For the stage in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, see Gamer (stage).
Gamer title screen

Gamer is 9-Volt & 18-Volt's minigame in Game & Wario, for Wii U. The game is played using the GamePad's buttons. A stage based on the minigame makes an appearance in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, also called Gamer. 5-Volt makes an appearance as a stage hazard.

Gamer returns in WarioWare Gold as a stage in Challenge Mode, this time under the name Sneaky Gamer. The microgame Mole also reappears in the game.


9-Volt & 18-Volt play a game on their new console, competing to find out who gets the high score in the game. 9-Volt wins and beats 18-Volt's score, causing the latter to throw a tantrum while the former celebrates, but then 5-Volt takes the console from them and tells them to do their homework. After 9-Volt & 18-Volt do so, 5-Volt gives the console back, and 9-Volt is surprised to discover 5-Volt had beaten both their scores by a wide margin.


There are two modes in the minigame. Both involve the characters playing a modified version of Balloon Fight containing microgames, called Balloon Fighter.


9-Volt playing on his console

In this mode, the player must help 9-Volt win enough microgames to beat 5-Volt's high score and avoid letting 5-Volt discover that he is playing past his bedtime. She constantly looks into his bedroom to see if he is sleeping, forcing the player to hide and pause the game. The Wakey Meter displays the amount of time 9-Volt can stay awake;[1] hiding with good timing (indicated by a Great!) prevents any meter loss, and in Endless Mode restores a small portion (+3) of the meter. The game ends if the player fails to hide their game from 5-Volt, the Wakey Meter runs out, or if they lose all lives (indicated by chance balloons).

The Game Over Screen, if 9-Volt falls asleep

5-Volt opens the door and look into the room, which is signaled by the sound of her footsteps and the door handle jiggling. She may also walk by the window and open the second half that she stops by (signaled by a scare chord), or even pop out from the TV, signaled by the static display of the TV. If the player receives at least 1000 points in level 1, 2, or 3, they achieve Gamer status; if they score at least 30 points in the Endless level, they also achieve Gamer status. Achieving Gamer status rewards the player with a coin for the Cluck-A-Pop.


  • Level 1: There are only a few distractions:
    • A cat quickly opens the door instead of 5-Volt; in Sneaky Gamer, Fronk may do so as well.
    • 5-Volt may hum the Underground Theme or the Ground Theme from Super Mario Bros. and then suddenly open the door.
    • 5-Volt may also stop without opening the window and then walk away.
    • A shadow puppet may appear on the TV screen.
    • The TV displays a shadow hand puppet, or turns on to show a static display for a brief time, thens turn off.
    • The door opens just a bit by itself.
  • Level 2: 5-Volt gains a few more techniques, and more distractions are added.
    • An old man with a wig walks by 9-Volt's window and opens it; the wig is loose and falls off beforehand.
    • 5-Volt may open the door three times in a row, with the last time possibly being the cat instead.
    • 5-Volt can also fake the player out by opening the window to check 9-Volt and walking offscreen past the window, then walking back and opening it again.
    • The television turns on and cycles through up to three different programs, with 5-Volt possibly coming out from the last of them to try and catch 9-Volt.
    • The television turns on and shows some SMPTE color bars for a brief time, then turns off.
    • 5-Volt either walks near 9-Volt's window like normal, or else walks faster - only to suddenly break through it, giving the player less time to hide.
    • 5-Volt may walk by the window and slowly sink down - then, either she comes up and opens the window, or a pair of upside-down legs appears and moves away.
  • Level 3: There are further additional scenarios to look out for.
    • When 5-Volt walks by 9-Volt's window, she may bump into the wig-wearing old man, who then opens the window (or vice versa).
    • 5-Volt can jump out of the TV and stay in 9-Volt's room after certain attempts to catch him; a tense score plays when she is keeping her eyes on him. She may sit down and watch TV for a brief period of time, then turn off the TV and look back at 9-Volt and walk to the door, with the cat opening the door for her. Should the TV flip to a test pattern, she becomes restless and rushes over to his bed, trying to catch him in the act. Eventually, she runs back to her initial spot to watch TV for a little while longer; once she turns it off, she watches 9-Volt intently as she leaves, with the cat opening the door for her.
    • In Sneaky Gamer, Mr. Sparkles can now appear on the TV's screen.
    • In Sneaky Gamer, 5-Volt can appear by lifting up the table with the TV; this is indicated by the entire table shaking before it is lifted to reveal her or Mr. Sparkles. The table may also shake and stop without being lifted.
    • In Sneaky Gamer, 5-Volt's handprints may also appear at the window before she opens it, hanging upside down, in an attempt to catch 9-Volt awake.
  • Endless: This level is at the same difficulty as Level 3 and uses the same set of 5-Volt appearances and distractions, along with several new ones; the level continues until the game ends under any condition.
    • After the TV switches through two channels, a cat may now pop out of the TV before running back in.
    • 5-Volt may change her walk speed while going by the window outside, including when she doubles back to open it.
    • 5-Volt often opens the window multiple times in the same pass, accompanied by a scare chord when she runs to the window; similar to the door, the last time it is opened you may see the wig-wearing old man instead.
    • After 5-Volt moves from the TV and tries to catch 9-Volt on his bed, she may fall asleep; the player can see a snot bubble appear when she does, though she can wake up suddenly. Once awake, she may jump outside through the window; in Sneaky Gamer, she instead runs back to her initial sitting spot, with her movement pattern proceeding as usual.
    • In Sneaky Gamer, 5-Volt may slowly open the door to catch 9-Volt.
    • In Sneaky Gamer, a scare chord may play rarely, followed by 5-Volt jumping into the room through the window; she then uses the same set of techniques to catch 9-Volt as when she jumps out of the TV.
    • A Cluck-A-Pop coin may drop onto the console and appear in a microgame, which the player can claim by tapping it.


In this mode, 18-Volt is playing the console. This mode is very similar to other WarioWare games, with three difficulty levels for microgames, and only ends when the player loses all four chance balloons. After beating the boss microgame, various intermission cutscenes play. The time of day also progresses. This includes:

  • 18-Volt eating a handful of popcorn (first time)
  • 18-Volt watching a running person pass by (second time)
  • An automobile driving by (day and evening only)
  • A person walking with four cats following them (night only)

There is a rare chance that 5-Volt appears from behind a bush to give the player a scare; after a few seconds, she walks away. In the next intermission, she walks in front of her home.[2]


  • Normal: If the player scores 40 points or more, they achieve Gamer status.
  • Ultra Speed: From the beginning, the games go very fast. If the player scores 20 points or more, they achieve Gamer status.
  • Hardcore: At the start, the player begins with one chance balloon left and all microgames are set to their hardest difficulty. If the player scores 10 points or more, they achieve Gamer status.


These scores are based on levels 1-3 only. Scores for other modes are based on microgames encountered.

  • Each point remaining on Wakey Meter: 10 points
  • Lives remaining: 100 points

Thus, the highest possible score is 1400 (with 4 lives remaining and a full Wakey Meter), while the lowest is 110 (one life remaining and a nearly empty meter).


Game & Wario[edit]

Each of these microgames can be played individually without facing any threats from 5-Volt by obtaining them from the Cluck-A-Pop machine. They are represented by orange capsules and take up spots 59-80 in the capsule collection.

WarioWare Gold[edit]

All of the microgames featured in the WarioWare Gold version of Gamer are part of the Mash League.


Game & Wario[edit]

  • +Control Pad / A Button: Do microgame actions
  • ZL Button + ZR Button or L Button + R Button: Hide game

WarioWare Gold[edit]

  • +Control Pad / A Button: Do microgame actions
  • L Button + R Button: Hide game


Game & Wario[edit]

"I'm 9-Volt! Can you play video games AND avoid my mom's evil stare? I made this game to show everyone how annoying she is!"

Hi, I'm 9-Volt! I just got the new super-popular portable game BALLOON FIGHTER! I'm kinda bummed right now because my mom beat my high score, so I'm staying up past my bedtime to get it back! She keeps coming by to check on me, though, so I have to pretend to be asleep...which is actually making me kinda sleepy.

I'm determined to beat the boss today. When my mom comes by, hide the system, OK? I never cause trouble, so she won't check on me too...I don't think. (Score 1000+ points to achieve Gamer status!)

My mom's been coming by more often lately. I think she knows I'm being sneaky and staying up to play games. But that won't stop me. I have to beat a really hard boss today! (Score 1000+ points to achieve Gamer status!)

I really wanna beat the final boss tonight! But my mom's getting pretty crazy about checking on me... I wish she'd be cool and just leave me alone! (Score 1000+ points to achieve Gamer status!)

I think I've figured out my mom's patrol pattern, so tonight I'm gonna stay up all night! If I'm really good at hiding, I'll barely lose any energy. (Score 30+ points to achieve Gamer status!)

18-Volt here! I'm 9-Volt's best friend. My mom's always out, so I can play video games whenever I want. I'm really into BALLOON FIGHTER right now. Ever heard of it?

This is the hit game BALLOON FIGHTER! 9-Volt's mom is super strict, so it's hard for him to get very far. He should just come over here to play! (Score 40+ points to achieve Gamer status!)

This version of BALLOON FIGHTER is fast right from the start and super hard. It'll really get your adrenaline pumping! (Score 20+ points to achieve Gamer status!)

The Hardcore version of BALLOON FIGHTER is only for advanced players. The game speed is normal, but if you make a single mistake, it's game over! (Score 10+ points to achieve Gamer status!)

WarioWare Gold[edit]

Hey, you guys! 9-Volt here! I love to play games right before I got to bed. Too bad my mom doesn't approve. Could you keep watch for me? Controls: Mash

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Gamer (Game & Wario)
Gamer furtif (Gold)
Stealthy gamer
Spanish Gamer (Game & Wario)
A escondidas (Gold)
On the quiet


  • In Gamer, a Virtual Boy can be seen next to the television; Sneaky Gamer replaces it with a Wii U.


  1. ^ "If 9-Volt pretends to sleep when 5-Volt's not around, you'll drain your Wakey Meter. When the Wakey Meter reaches 0, 9-Volt falls asleep for real, and you lose the game!" - WarioWare Gold instructions for Sneaky Gamer
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