List of WarioWare Gold media

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This is a list of media files for the game WarioWare Gold.


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Audio.svg Index Jingles
File infoMedia:IndexJinglesWarioWareGold.oga
Audio.svg Wario Jingles
File infoMedia:WarioJinglesWarioWareGold.oga
Audio.svg Jimmy T Jingles
File infoMedia:JimmyTJinglesWarioWareGold.oga
Audio.svg Mona Jingles
File infoMedia:MonaJinglesWarioWareGold.oga
Audio.svg Dribble and Spitz Jingles
File infoMedia:DribbleandSpitzJinglesWarioWareGold.oga
Audio.svg 5-Volt Jingles
File infoMedia:5-VoltJinglesWarioWareGold.oga
Audio.svg Ashley Jingles
File infoMedia:AshleyJinglesWarioWareGold.oga
Audio.svg Crygor Jingles
File infoMedia:CrygorJinglesWarioWareGold.oga
Audio.svg Crygor Outro Jingle
File infoMedia:Gold Crygor Outro.mp3
Audio.svg 18-Volt Jingles
File infoMedia:18-VoltJinglesWarioWareGold.oga
Audio.svg Penny Jingles
File infoMedia:PennyJinglesWarioWareGold.oga
Audio.svg Kat & Ana Jingles
File infoMedia:KatandAnaJinglesWarioWareGold.oga
Audio.svg 9-Volt Jingles
File infoMedia:9-VoltJinglesWarioWareGold.oga
Audio.svg Cricket Jingles
File infoMedia:YoungCricketJinglesWarioWareGold.oga
Audio.svg Orbulon Jingles
File infoMedia:OrbulonJinglesWarioWareGold.oga
Audio.svg Dancing Team & Alarm Clock Jingles
File infoMedia:DancingTeamJinglesWarioWareGold.oga
Audio.svg Potluck Gang Jingles
File infoMedia:PotluckGangJinglesWarioWareGold.oga
Audio.svg Wario Deluxe Jingles
File infoMedia:WarioDeluxeJinglesWarioWareGold.oga
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Video.svg Nintendo 3DS eShop WWG demo promo - Footage showing the Nintendo 3DS eShop during Wario's takeover, which was a promotional campaign for the free demo of WarioWare Gold
File infoMedia:Nintendo 3DS eShop WWG demo promo.ogv
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