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Not to be confused with Aero.
Arrow title screen.
Arrow title screen.

Arrow is Wario's minigame in Game & Wario. It is a single-player game and is played by holding the GamePad vertically while pointing the screen and using the dominant hand on the touch screen.


Wario is at his house eating strawberries when a mouse appears and steals the last one. Enraged, Wario chases him to outside the house, where he gets arrows and a bow from a passerby and tries to hit the mouse. Later, Wario is sitting on his sofa, when the mouse throws pepper on his face, causing him to sneeze. This makes the mouse bounce on walls until it hits Wario's dusty old computer. Wario then gets the idea for his new game.


Arrow gameplay.
Some robot Tiny Warios landing with parachutes.
Screenshot of the ARROW minigame
Some robot Tiny Warios in an early version of the game.

Arrow is a shooting game. The game consists of using the GamePad to shoot arrows from a Wario-themed bow using the GamePad to hit crowds of MechaWario minions, who walk closer to the player. During some parts, bombs appear in the ground and cause a big explosion if they are hit. The player receives 10 points for each MechaWario minion hit alone. If the player "tickles" the arrow's nose, it uses a pepper jar to cause more damage when it hits the ground; this action is called a "sneeze shot".

There are also parts when a giant cannonball is shot at the player. The player must hold GamePad as a shield to block it.

The player has four strawberries that act as their lives. When a MechaWario minion reaches the player, it jumps onto the touch screen and the player must stomp the minions by tapping them on GamePad. If the player is unsuccessful in doing this, then the robot steals one of the four fruits (the player does have a chance to get them back by shooting at the MechaWario minions who stole the strawberries on the main screen). If all four strawberries are lost, then the game ends at that point.

At the end of each stage, a MechaWario boss appears. In order to defeat it and pass the targeted stage, the player must shoot arrows at various weak spots (depending on level difficulty).


Achieving Master Status for the first time per level rewards a Cluck-A-Pop coin.

  • Spring - Master Status: 2,500
  • Summer - Master Status: 7,000
  • Fall - Master Status: 6,000
  • Winter - Master Status: 9,000


GamePad: Shoot arrows


Game Menu Description: "WAHAHA! Wario here. I made the best game ever! Go shoot some MechaWario minions already, will ya?!"

Stage Description (Spring): "Can you protect your strawberries from the MechaWario minions?"

Stage Description (Summer): "The heat's given rise to a new type of robot. Keep an eye on the sky!"

Stage Description (Fall): "Fall's often nice and mellow, but it seems a storm is brewing!"

Stage Description (Winter): "It's not just the cold that won't let up. Can you reach the final battle?"


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アロー

Spanish (NOE) Arrow