Detective Frank

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Detective Frank, a character in Game & Wario met when the Undercover Call Code is used.
Detective Frank as he appears in one of his many cutscenes

Detective Frank is a minor character who appears in Game & Wario. As his name would suggest, he is an undercover sleuth whom the player may contact via the Undercover Call Code. When the code is dialed, Detective Frank introduces himself in a casual environment, either on a balcony or in an alley, reporting on what is happening before him. However, he appears to be paranoid, as nothing unusual is going on.

Detective Frank has a total of five different cutscenes for his Call Code. One of them involves him on a balcony, investigating the mother from the Homey Call Code hanging laundry on a balcony across from him. Despite seeing nothing conspicuous, he insists the mother is merely trying to appear that way, telling the player he must do more investigating, and to call him back later on. Another one of the detective's cutscenes takes place here, though he is watching the mother in her panda form hanging over the laundry previously hung on the balcony instead. He is simply confused and apologizes, telling the player he will call back again.

Detective Frank's three other cutscenes show him in a modest alley, reporting on whoever he sees. One of them shows him reporting on a woman speaking with an orange alien in a pink vehicle, the same one who also appears in the Alien's Sketchbook collectible. The detective reports that the vehicle has no license plate and therefore must have been stolen. In another alley cutscene, the detective reports on a student showing off her new haircut to her friends, claiming the mystery will be solved in the end. In his final available cutscene, he reports on an elderly woman with her dog, speaking with a fortune telling wrestler, the same one who appears in the Yellow Crystal Ball collectible, as the detective even references.


  • "Detective Frank here. Nothing suspicious going on at the moment. But...something isn't quite right. Everything is too unsuspicious. It's as though she's going out of her way to appear completely normal. Anyway, I'm going to investigate a little longer. I'll call in again later."
  • "Detective Frank here. Huh?! ... Erm... Sorry, but... I'll just call in again later..."
  • "Detective Frank here. I may have a lead. That must be her boyfriend... There's no doubt about it. He looks highly suspicious. The car has no number plate. It's clearly stolen. You can't fool me!"
  • "Detective Frank here. She's on her way home from school. She's telling a friend how much she likes her new haircut... That she looks great with a fringe... It's as if she's going out of her way to look like a normal schoolgirl. Hmph. Fine, then. I'll play along with this little game. But understand this! I will solve this mystery in the end. Just you wait..."
  • "Detective Frank here. I'm tailing a lead right now. He must be that popular wrestling move fortune teller... What new trick are you planning? Oh, yes! I'm going to collar you in the end, my boy!"