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Pirates title screen.

Pirates is a minigame hosted by Captain Wario in Game & Wario. It is a single player game that is played with the GamePad horizontally.


Wario decides to go outside of his house on his motorcycle. He eventually sees a pirate costume and decides to become a pirate himself.


Pirate is a rhythm game. The game consists of Captain Wario giving commands to pirates on his ship and other ships to attack the player. These commands vary between him saying "Center!", "Over!", "Left!" or "Right!". The player must move the GamePad in these directions as if they are using a shield to block the attacks.

After the chosen song itself has concluded, a dance sequence follows prior to the conclusion of the overall stage. The player must mimic the moves shown on screen by a humanoid Captain Wario to build up power to charge up an energy ball. Once enough energy has been built up, the player must press the ZL Button and ZR Button buttons simultaneously with the rhythm to shoot the energy ball at Captain Wario and his crew. If the player manages to achieve an "A" rating in all four categories, they will score a "Perfect" which rewards a Cluck-A-Pop coin.

This game is what became of the Wii U demo, Shield Pose.


"Ahoy! Captain Wario's the name. Block arrows-move yer booty! My rhythm-based action battle game will get ye shakin' yer timbers!"


  • In Tomodachi Life, Miis can occasionally be heard playing this game if they have a Wii U.
  • In the opening cutscene, a reporter and wrestler from Rhythm Heaven Fever can be seen on the background.

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