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Disco title screen
Disco title screen.

Disco is a multiplayer minigame hosted by Mike in Game & Wario, for the Wii U. It is one of the four minigames (alongside Islands, Fruit, and Sketch) that is exclusively multiplayer.


Two players share the GamePad, holding either end of it. The touch screen of the GamePad is divided into left and right sides, with each side containing three buttons and the number of potential beats. At the beginning of a player's turn, a song with a random tempo is played. The player must then tap to the song's rhythm. The other player subsequently taps in the same pattern and rhythm as the first player. Any beats that the second player missed count as points towards the first player. A song with a different tempo is played for the second player, and it repeats until two rounds have passed. Whoever has the most points wins the round, and winning three rounds wins the minigame.

If the first player taps a beat that is not to the rhythm, it isn't counted and can be missed by the other player. If the first player taps all of his beats to the rhythm, he gains a double multiplier, meaning that any beats that the other player misses counts for double towards the first player's score. The GamePad only registers one beat at a time, meaning that multiple beats cannot be spammed on the same beat.


What's up! Mike here. My game is a two-player rapid-fire rhythm battle. Flow with my jams, and may the best beats win!


  • GamePad: Tapping beats

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ディスコ
Spanish (NOE) Disco -